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Hi, minna-san~

I'm new to this community and I just want to share my version of Chapter 38's spoilers.

First, Roy came to Riza's rescue in time. He used his alchemy and blew Gluttony out of the building. No. 66 tries to escape. And Ling & subordinate met Envy & Gluttony. The only words that came to their minds is "IMMORTALITY!!"

Roy & gang got on the chase of the Sins. He came into a building. Lust was in it. Roy questioned her about the death of Maes Hughes. She said something about how she knew or something. Roy fired a shot at her thigh and yelled at her to kneel down. He continued shooting at her to no avail. He pulled on his gloves and wanted to use his alchemy on her.

She saw it coming and send water splashing on Roy from the water pipe. Well, of coz' now that Roy couldn't use his flames. A lighter was flipped and threw into the room though. The room exploded with Lust in it.

After the explosion, Roy & Havoc went in and have a look. Lust was still alive with her chest blown opened. Revealing the philosopher's stone in place of her heart. She was regenerating herself when Roy & Havoc dashed in.

She did not give them a chance to attack her. Her nails sharpened and stabbed Havoc right through his chest. Roy was really furious. His hand dived for the stone, trying to pull it out of Lust's chest.

The last page ended at Lust saying, "What do you think you are doing with your hand on a lady's chest?"

And she stabbed Roy right through his side...




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