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Fanfic -- "Stars"

Title: “Stars”
Rating: G
Word Count: 373
Summary: Winry reflects on Ed and Al growing up.


Note: I beat this story out while a kid gave a speech on the Big Bang theory, after he said that every planet and every living thing is born when a star explodes. I’d have a quote but, well, I don’t. Sorry.


“We,” she says quietly, as they kick back and stare at the night sky, “are made of stars.”

Ed stares at her, then laughs so loudly that Al looks up from the stray kitten he’s been playing with. A bullfrog scares away a haze of fireflies; the wind moans through the leaves and grass with a heaving sigh.

“What are you laughing at?” she demands, glaring.

“Did you hear that, Al?” he calls. A bird flies off. “Stars.”

“Niisan…” says Al, who has caught the look on Winry’s face.

“What are you laughing at?” she demands, glaring.

“It’s just ridiculous,” he begins imperiously, and goes off into his spiel on the components of the human body – so many parts carbon, this much water, that much hydrogen, odds and ends and bits and pieces. Winry tries to care, but somehow can’t muster the effort. Al’s kitten runs away into the bushes.

“You’re no fun,” she says, smacking him (more lightly this time) with the wrench once again.

“It’s science,” he shrugs. “Right, Al?”

“Eh?” He glances down from gazing at the sky.

“You’re hopeless, too,” grumbles Ed, setting off a round of late-night brotherly banter.

Winry stares up at the stars, not quite convinced. There is a homey sort of romance to being children of a star-burst, no matter how precisely Ed can measure out individual elements and molecules. Even if Ed and Al and the colonel and the rest of the national alchemists think everything can be rationalized and explained, there is still a little thrill to just imagining having been born from a star.

There was a time, she thinks, when they would have believed her, when they made up stories and just accepted what they knew was right, rather than researching some dusty, lifeless truth. And, drifting off to sleep, she wonders when the boys slipped away, when they forgot how to really believe.

The kitten falls asleep in the crook of a tree; the fireflies alight in a patch of clover. The bullfrog splashes into a creek and the wind whispers them all a quiet sort of lullaby. Ed and Al and Winry fall asleep under the sky, and, overhead, the stars stare impassively down at their little lost children.


Read? Review? It's short and sweet... *offers cookies*

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