Nanya (nanya_hime) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Doesn't he look awfully like Ed?

Sorry if this is sorta off-topic but I've been reading new series from Jump called D-Grayman and do you think this guy looks AWFULLY like ... Edward Eric? Maybe it's just me... and not only the looks ... notice his hands ... he's only got one "proper" hand ... the other is sorta cursed ... and that reminds me of Ed's automail (and when he takes off his clothes, from the back, he looks exactly like Ed. I hope I'm not too contaminated by FMA to think everyone looks ... like ... Ed.

I can't post the other pic because I obtained it from a scanlation but if you have time, check it out. The series really resembles FMA ... not to mention the way the boy comes down from the train, it's almost like watching Ed coming down from the train.


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