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an intro post w/complimentary icons for all

I tried to avoid the anime scene as long as i could, but it was fullmetal that ended up reeling me in :-? I've only just finished episode 43 and, due to my incomplete skills in japanese, am just waiting on the first fansub of 44 with theories abound in my head. the er manga situation is somewhat less, i assure you. In any case, FMA is really really great and well developed and engaging and I've got absolutely no idea what I'm doing here other than. well. Icons. Bases only, because i hate font like you wouldn't believe.

If I'm breaking some sort of comm rule by posting these, let me know!

Feel free to take what you like :-? I don't care if you credit or not, i'm not protective of my intense cropping skills.

So that is my hello! l8r, man.

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