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So, what's going to happen is.. well, most of it I agree with adoramouse. They will use the stone to retrieve Al's body, since it is behind the gate. Hohenheim also stated that they cannot just recreate his body, he said along the lines of 'you can transfer your soul into another body', so they will transfer Al's body into his lost one. Either that, or he will be transfered into Ed'd body. That is a huge possability.
It seems thet both Dante and Hohenheim are old rivals/master and commander(excuse the pun..XD). Both transfer bodies as their old ones rot and die, though I'm not sure why they age so quickly (hence Dante's already dying body of Lyla). Still, both of them must be millions of years old -here's going back to actual human history, stating that Hohenheim lives wayyy back in the ages. For him to be in '10, is absolutely perposterous, except for the evidence.
I'm releived they finally explained why homonculi know alchemy and that they need human lives -red stone-to live. I was sure about it, but I didn't know they needed it tor egain human form. Ironic -human lives make you a human.. at least in physical form. To become fully human, you need the actuall philosopher's stone itself. This makes me wonder if Sloth will be the last to remain, hence why the homunculi never get the stone? Who knows, at this point. Basically the plot can go anywhere.

I mean, they made Theophrastus Bombastus Von Hohenheim (Paracelus) a GOOD guy??! (evidence in ep 44, unless it changes in 45) and made Dante-san the one who controls the homunculi. Erk. So we are completely so far from the manga, you'd need a spaceship to get back Sort of a bummer IMO. But it's cute how he told Dante to stay away from his sons. ;O aww... I like Hohenheim, for now. Until he (possibly) turns bad, of course. I mean, hisory says Hohenheim claimed he created the first homunculi.. so that still points out his arrogance and connection with the creatures. I think I'll need to read up more.

Opinions, anyone? I'd like to get a discussion started while it's fresh!

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