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FMA Kinkmeme at AO3

Fellow FMA fans,

Many of us fondly remember the FMA Kinkmeme of past years here on LJ. I certainly do!

A new run of the kinkmeme has just been started up at AO3 and needs prompts and writers!

For the unfamiliar, the basic idea is that you can anonymously request fics of certain pairs with certain kinks (though it doesn't have to be explicit--it can just be a situation or trope you've always been dying to see!) and authors can anonymously fill the request with a fic.

Personally, as many FMA fans who have specific preferences for blogging platform (some don't want to use LJ, some don't want to use Tumblr, etc.etc.) also use AO3 for crossposting, I think it is a great middle ground for all different kinds of FMA fans to enjoy fandom together! :D

A few notes:
1.Although one-to-one (filling the same number of prompts as you request) is ideal, it is also OK to only fill, and if you request but end up not able to fill a prompt in exchange, that is okay, too. To fill without requesting, click "claim" on the prompt you want to fill. You do NOT need to click "Sign Up" if you only want to fill and not request.
2. When requesting please type in the tag exactly as it exists on AO3 or it may not work.
3. If the tag doesn't exist, or you have any other kind of trouble in any way, just drop me a line or talk to the mod and we will try to help!

Please do check it out!!!


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