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Tumblr's RoyXEd Week via LJ, July 25-31

Hailing fellow RoyXEd-lovers!

The fandom event "RoyXEd Week" at the end of the month is being held at Tumblr, but you can also join in the fun and participate here at LJ! \o/

The deal:

There are eight different prompts for each of the seven days. You can choose to fill as many or as few as you would like, for whichever days you would like. All types of fanworks are accepted. Loose creative interpretations of the prompts are just fine as long as they are in some way related, and you can combine prompts if you wish! Platonic Roy+Ed is also OK (as long as you are okay with some readers/viewers choosing to see it through OTP glasses).

How to do it:

1. Take a look at the Prompts List (as reposted by Fanny on LJ or the original at Tumblr) and get to creating those fanworks!

2. Post each work on the day assigned to the prompts you have chosen at your journal and in any LJ comms of your choice for everyone here to enjoy. (Don't forget to check the posting rules/format when posting in comms!)

3. If you have a Tumblr account, you can do a post there linking to your LJ post and use the tag "royedweek" in the first five tags so other participants can come enjoy your work. If you do not have a Tumblr account, if you would like you can give me a heads-up in your post or via message/comment, and I will happily put up the link for you. (Don't worry, I will not repost your work; only post the link leading to your work at your journal.)

If your main hangout is Tumblr, don't forget to crosspost to LJ so we can see, too!


If you have any questions, see the FAQ here on LJ and/or comment there, and Fanny will check with the mod, or ask the mod directly at Tumblr. (Approval of the mod has been received for this collaboration, use of the banner, method of posting, etc.)

Please do crosspost/pimp this info to your journal, comms, etc.!

I can't wait to enjoy the week with you guys!

Viva RoyXEd!!! <3


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