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Survival Training

Title: Survival Training
Author: shell_mel
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Swearing, volience, death (OC), attempted non-con
Spoilers: Ending to Brotherhood and episode 10.
Characters/Pairings: Eventual Roy/Ed, Roy, Ed, Havoc, Furey, Breda, Hawkeye, Falman.
Summary: AU Roy has been receiving threatening letters from a terrorist group. The newest Fuhrer, Hakuro, has made it standard procedure to have every member of the military complete survival training every two years. It's Roy's teams turn and with Hughes unable to get an exemption made due to the circumstances, he turns to the one person who will not only do whatever it takes to protect Roy, but have all the advantages to do it with.
Author's Notes: AU as far as I editted a few cannon features, such as how brotherhood ended and certain charcters have their fates changed.

Story is complete and can be found in the following locations.


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Tags: fanfic (mature)

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