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Yei... icons and stuff.

Woah. I put a lot of my unused pictures to good use.XD

Mouse over for text. x.x

01. I'm taller than you!! 02. Little dreamer still hasn't found what he's looking for 03. The Thinker. :D 04. Please taisa! Edward said he'd make me his uke if we didn't stop making fun of him! 05. Is papa's friend hitting on me?!
06. lykomgwtf! I'm not a short kickass bishie nomore! PH34R! 07. Shh... Ed's fangirling. Ed: I'm so hot! 08. No! We're not doing anything wrong! 09. Ph34r t3h chubby. 10. Hughes hungry!
11. Keep staring. I might show you my wee-wee. 12. Fanservice for Dummiez. 13. Havoc: Fine taisa. Go and steal all my girls. I'll just take Hawkeye. 14. omgwtf. How long is this torturous series?! 15. I'm really an idiot.
16. Building up my hatred towards you. 17. alchemy! 18. alchemy!(with style!) Joruri: It's an inside joke from epi 37.XD 19. I'm human, therefore I suffer a human's pain. 20. Guess what's wrong in this picture!
21. We're just humans. 22. I can think of 12 good reasons why this is wrong. (Forgot to include 'but hot!' XD 23. Smile. 24. Nina. :3 25. This ones for all the Shaman King + FMA fans out there. :D

Comment. Credit. All the shiz! =3 And yes. My icon skillz are sUxX0rz. ^^ But I'm trying! =D

Now some random... editEVIL I did when I was... bored. You know what they're doing. XD
::shoots self:: o_o;; I took a hated character, a hated scene, and made myself hate myself! ...I'm confused!

Blah. I dunno what I was thinking when I made that. :D;;

::icons some more:: ._.

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