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wonder at an episode 44 scene!

I don't know if this has been mentioned in any of the other LIEKOMEGWTF posts for FMA 44, but...

Okay, so Gluttony attacks Hoenheim screaming something - I'm not sure what, because Gluttony's little kid accent-type thing was so strong as to reduce it to a wordless scream. But then hoenheim did one attack - just one, the spikes of whatever (glass? ice?), and Gluttony leaps away, saying "sorry!" Lust comments on honenheim's not using a transmutation array (I think), and then Dante says that it's okay to gluttony, and something about a body.

Does anyone know what exactly she said? That scene made me wonder if Gluttony was Hoenheim's 'mistake'. If that's so, then Hoenheim would probably carry around some piece of original-Gluttony now, just in case; if not, why was Gluttony afraid of the spikes? It's pretty much been proven that homunculi can't die from anything unless their red stones are removed from their body and(or?) they are near the remains of their old bodies. So why was Gluttony terrified by Hoenheim's spikey-things? Do his attacks follow different laws that somehow bypass the protection homunculi have?

And while I'm at it, proof people who do the hand-clappy thing don't need to touch the thing their transmuting: Dante/Lyla(who shall henceforth be called... Dantyla!) puts her hands in the traditional christian prayer-thing, and then things transmute. That's it.

this post was inspired by my curiosity and the lack of love Gluttony gets.

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