Sayr (sayrchan) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Somewhat excessive intro & a question

Hi, I'm Sayr, you haven't heard of me, I'm incredibly incredibly obsessed with FMA thanks to girl_starfish (ok, so one of you has heard of me) and for the past week I have been fangirling harder than I think I ever have before. An example:

I am twenty years old, and never mastered the simple trick of snapping my fingers. Until the other day, when I was Inspired. The same Inspiration has been nagging me to attempt hairspray-and-matches sleight of hand for the full pyrotechnic effect; it is possible that I will lose my eyebrows in the near future as a result.

However, I still haven't seen any of the anime (except a bit of the first ep dub before the L'Arc concert at Otakon). I've only read the first six volumes of manga and massive amounts of fanfiction, so you guys are way ahead of me. I can't contribute to most of the discussions (or even look at them, if I don't want spoilers), but I thought I had a few questions that I hoped someone could answer; then I forgot all but one of them.

How old is alchemy as a science? In FMA, not the real world.

Thank you!

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