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08 August 2004 @ 06:39 pm
Mainly for zauberer_sirin, who has trouble dling things (hence crossposted to my own LJ, under friends), but I’d just thought I’d share.

EDIT : 7.50 AM - Fixes a fairly critical mistrans.

Warning : Because this is MY Japanese, there’s bound to be errors. Take with a few kegs of salt. I apologize beforehand for them.

Lyra takes Roze to Central while the others from Lior stays in the East, where there are a lot of people with similar skin color, because Roze had an important part in the whole uprising. She then takes her to an old church, which had fallen into ruins. Using alchemy, she opens a secret passage to the an underground chamber (along the way, the talk seemed to be the number of those who died for religion, whereas Roze says religion is made to save people and Lyra says that’s because humans can’t be gods). Cut to the Sins, where Sloth asks Lust why she’d let the Elrics go. Lust answers that killing the Elrics isn’t her duty, but Sloth’s and Wrath’s. Sloth went on about Lust defying that person’s words, and Lust asks if Sloth doesn’t want to become a human. Sloth says yes, and that’s why certain objectives can’t be [can’t think of word, you can guess]. Then Lyra and Roze comes in...and we hit the koukan speech.

We cut back to Rizenpool. (Note : Anyone think the blushing Roy here is extremely fanservicey to RoyEd ‘ships?) Al tells Roy-tachi that the Fuhrer is a homunculus. Ed says the homunculi wanted the PS, and thus infiltrated the military. Roy-tachi could scarcely believe it. Al then says he’s seen the Fuhrer’s Ouroboros tattoo. Armstrong got the meaning. Hawkeye comes to the conclusion that Juliet Douglas is also one, and asks about their purpose. Then military people came along and Armstrong went to distract them and take them back to Central, while Roy-tachi remain at Rizenpool. (Armstrong’s methods is just as transparent as Hughes, really)

Along the way home, Ed asks Breda how Havoc is (gone back to base with Fury), and is a bit guilty about what happens. Winry notices Ed’s watch isn’t there, and asks Ed where’s it gone to. Hawkeye says that since Ed said he longer wants to be an SA, after all, it’s only logical. To which he replies it’s not like that, and learns from her that his watch is supposed to be with Al. Panicking, Al blurts out the bit about the red stone being inside the watch, which earned a WTF reaction from Ed. Roy then comments that it’s Archer putting transmutation enhancements up again, and Ed goes even more WTF-ish. Roy goes on to explain how it was used in Ishvar, and Ed is enraged that he knew about the military making incomplete PS’es and never said a word about it to him. Roy replies something like he knew about Marcoh’s research and what it entails---which makes Ed even madder, and Al ran in to break up the argument...and causes the PS in him to react again. Al gets thrown into the river, but his blood seal remains intact because of the PS. (Note : I wonder...he’s always been okay inside rains before, hasn’t he?) Ed doesn’t seem to want anyone to know what happened to Al, and didn’t answer when Hawkeye asks ‘Where’s the PS?’...although I do think Roy has an ‘Oh shit so that’s how it is’ look on his face.

On their way back, they ran into Broche...which leads into the bulk of them spying on Hohenheim hitting on Ross. Ed proceeded to run in and kicked Hohenheim into the ground, to which Al also remembers he looks like photos of dad. Al worries if Hohenheim would know him, but it only takes only a glance for daddy to know that it’s Al, which makes him very happy. And daddy makes the fatal mistake of saying Ed hasn’t grown that much. Haha.

Dinner scene. Fluffy things happen. Roy and Hawkeye has a table for two. Yes. Er. Back to the plot. Ed proceeds to rant, at length, why he hates his dad and all the things about Dante and Lyra (which earns him a jealous rant from Winry. Like, “Edooooooo...just what is the relation between you and this ‘Lyra’?”), which Hohenheim hears and is shocked. God, I hate typing his name. After the dinner, Roy goes to talk to Hohenheim about the Fuhrer, that he’s married and there’s photographs of his younger self. Hohenheim explains a few things about homunculi---that they take the lives of humans (i.e. red stones) that they can’t create for themselves as a source of nutrients, and that grant them their power. A lot of things being said in this conversation flies over my head. But near the end, Hohenheim mentions that homunculi can’t use alchemy, but how did they know how to create red stones? To which Roy came to a grim conclusion that it’s because they have puppets to do that for them/have someone controlling them. (Hence the creation of SA? Just my pet theory, but it fits Roy’s expression so well) Hohenheim says that even if the homunculus are trying to do something with this country, it’s better not to worry. At which point Al comes in and asks why the homunculi can’t use alchemy...Hohenheim replies with something I can’t catch, and says Al and Ed’s been trying so hard, and that in seeing Al’s body...

Ed comes in and tells him to say no more, that they just messed up and lost limbs and body. And went on his usual hate argument. Al tells Ed he’s going to sleep together with dad (get no ideas, you), to which Ed has this all angsty face over. Al goes to Trisha’s grave and asks him if he can ever get his body back with the PS...Daddy asks whose flesh has been turned into the PS, Al says himself, and Daddy says that if he can answer what his body has been traded for, he can get it back. And Al says “In that case...if we can kill that homunculus…”

Daddy went Huh? And Al panicked, saying it’s nothing.

Morning came, and Al came back with breakfast and meet no Hohenheim. Al came back to ask Ed, and Ed says he hasn’t seen him and he’s probably gone into a journey again. Just before Al goes out, Roy pops in and tell the kyoudai to remain here. Roy himself’s going back to Central and find out the truth about the Fuhrer for himself (IS THAT MAN CRAZY!?). Sheska pops in, too, and says that if it’s the truth, she’s seen it. Roy proceeds to smile, walk over to her, tap her shoulder on his way out. Probably something in his face, because Sheska has an OMG look on hers when he was already out.

Pinako tells them to go hide in the automail storage room...or wherever it is. In there, Ed and Al have a conversation about where dad went, what the hell is the stupid Colonel intending to accomplish, Juliet Douglas, the true cause of Ishvar, in that order. Then Sheska, after hearing all that, blurts out that’s why Hughes was killed, because he knew. Ed went postal and transmuted his way out of the storage room, mad the Roy knew and didn’t tell him. Then he saw Winry, realized she also knew, and got even madder. He was hell bent on following Roy-tachi when Pinako comes in and tells him to get a hold of himself. Reason following. That Mustang-san didn’t want Ed and Al to burden themselves with the knowledge, and isn’t that a more important thing? (Sorry, zau-san. The worried Riza scene has no dialogue on Roy’s part. It’s all on Pinako) Everyone seems to have suddenly developed an understanding of Roy at that point. Everyone except Ed, that is. Sheska says that she thought Roy didn’t care about Hughes’ death, but if it’s...(continued by Winry, OMG, The sheer WinryxSheska-ness)...because they share a goal, to make sure Ishvar doesn’t happen again in this country, if they made a promise...(continued by Al...)...if that’s for Hughes, too, and that Roy is really an adult. Ed still gets mad, and asks if that’s an adult’s way of doing things...if an important person to you die and you know whodunnit, you won’t try getting revenge just because there’s something more important? (I don’t know...anime!Ed’s stance on revenge seems to be a few miles south of Manga!Ed’s) Pinako then aks if HE himself didn’t become a dog of the military just for his own purposes, too, which managed to shut Ed up. Ed then says that he REALLY hates that bastard. (A very RoyEd moment. Sue me)

Cut to the Sins.

Gluttony feels that someone’s coming and panics. Lust tells him not to say stupid things, that no one can come here….at which point Hohenheim appears. Lyra pops in and welcomes him. DaddyElric asks if she’s using the body of that Lyra girl at the moment. Lyra smiles and says so he hasn’t forgotten her after all? Hohenheim says that he’s heard her name from his sons, but even if he hadn’t, he’d known anyway from the smell, and addressed her as Dante. Dante gets mad at this and orders Gluttony to attack. Hohenheim repels that with clappy hand thing alchemy, which surprises Lust. Dante tells Gluttony he’s nothing to be feared, that he's been in this body for such a long time that he's reached his limits. She then attacks him with statues. Hohenheim counters with ice Al (fatherly love, or is there something more to that armor in his study?) and exposes Dante’s body, shows us that it’s rotting. Which greatly surprises Lust and angers Dante. He says if he's nearing his limits, then she does to, then offers her a deal...she stops messing with his sons, he’ll teach her why the decay in this creatd (!? I'm not sure I heard right) body started.

We cut to Rizenpool. Winry says the military seems to be leaving already and asks where Ed is. Al says he said he’s got something he have to do alone. And we see Ed digging up Trisha’s grave and saying sorry, sorry. (I don’t think the grave is empty just yet, though)

Preview : Those Who Lost/Degraded Their Hearts

Ed : Al, I’m going to fight. It’s better for you to know nothing more [than you already know].

Haha. I have exams on Tuesday. I am so going to die. And if this series gets any better, I'm not going to survive this course. ^^;;;;;;;
tell them stories: smile fmadjcati on August 8th, 2004 05:17 am (UTC)
Wow. o_o

Thanks you so much for this summary... I don't understand ANY Japanese, so I would just be lost if I watched the raw.. >>; *wonders why she downloaded it, then*

Awesome. ^^
kuromitsu: Marikokuromitsu on August 8th, 2004 05:55 am (UTC)
Ed proceeds to rant, at length, why he hates his dad and all the things about Dante and Lyra

Actually he talks about why he hates his dad's perfume. ^^ He says even though Hohenheim left right after Al was born, the scent of his parfume lingered in the house. Then he talks about Lyra using the same perfume, then Al mentions that they last saw Lyra in Dante's house... and that's why Hohenheim is shocked. I guess this means that Hohenheim's body is also rotting away. Trisha must've been a saint or something...

And Al says “In that case...if we can kill that homunculus…”

It's interesting that Al doesn't seem to care about killing Sloth (or giving her back to the gate, dunno if it means the same or not) to get his body back. Once he said he didn't want a body at the cost of someone else's life... Sure, now it's a homunculus, but hey, they're still people (kind of).

Also, as I understood, Hohenheim says that when a homunculus is born, it doesn't have a human form. They get their characteristic power and form when they eat the red stones. But in episode 35 didn't Lust see her own copy behind the gate? And what about Wrath? He looked perfectly human even before he ate the red stones, and he also had his powers (only he couldn't control them).
summerwolf on August 8th, 2004 08:08 pm (UTC)
On the perfume...thanks! I didn't catch that. *_* So I just kind of assumed he was hating his dad par usual. (This is why people should never assume, I guess)

On the homunculus thing....yeah....I think I heard it that way, too....but then I thought of Wrath and how he's always had his body before the red stones and figured I probably messed it up somewhere, so I didn't write it down.
radical_charlie on August 8th, 2004 08:22 am (UTC)
Thanks for going to all the trouble of writing out the summary! I love knowing what's gonna happen ^^;;
Kalika Maxwellkalikamaxwell on August 8th, 2004 10:03 am (UTC)
Thank you! Very glad to know what is going on exactly. ^^
reversing the polarity of the neutron flow: *loads gun* Die Envy DIE!shinraisei on August 8th, 2004 01:19 pm (UTC)
(Armstrong’s methods is just as transparent as Hughes, really)

Roy himself’s going back to Central and find out the truth about the Fuhrer for himself (IS THAT MAN CRAZY!?).

Well it seems like he confronts the Fuhrer in episode 45...I'm getting worried somewhat. (Roy v The Fuhrer King Bradley anyone o_o ?)

Hohenheim counters with ice Al (fatherly love, or is there something more to that armor in his study?)
I think it would be more about the armor in the study and perhaps also both fatherly love. =)

Thanks for the summary. You do good on your exams miss! XD
Ve: crucifymylove - dogs and angelsdana_fields on August 8th, 2004 01:33 pm (UTC)
Well it seems like he confronts the Fuhrer in episode 45...I'm getting worried somewhat. (Roy v The Fuhrer King Bradley anyone o_o ?)

I don't want Roy to die! ;_; He's my only favorite character still alive! T.T

I've been fearing this for some time now, but I'm really worried now...
hork13bajir5 on August 8th, 2004 01:49 pm (UTC)
Hohenheim counters with ice Al (fatherly love, or is there something more to that armor in his study?)

I don't think that's ice. There's no water in that room. I think Hohenheim can manipulate the energy and heat of light and make the light and/or the air around him into a solid form. I mean, he is Hohenheim of the Light, after all.
summerwolf on August 8th, 2004 08:04 pm (UTC)
That's possible. Whee. Never thought of that BUt on the other hand...speaking scientifically, water is EVERYWHERE in the air. As long as there's moisture, and the waterfall provides that.

Besides, if Ed can change one metal into another without causing a nuclear reaction, I'm sure Hohenheim can combine a few hydrogen and oxygen molecules without things going BOOM.
hork13bajir5 on August 8th, 2004 08:07 pm (UTC)
... That'd be funny.

"And now to finish you!! *Clap -- KABOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!11!!11!1!! *A black screen with the hiragana for 'Owari' in the bottom, right corner.*."
summerwolf on August 8th, 2004 08:10 pm (UTC)
That line just made my day. XD
reversing the polarity of the neutron flow: *loads gun* Die Envy DIE!shinraisei on August 8th, 2004 09:01 pm (UTC)

That made my day. =D
(Deleted comment)
summerwolf on August 9th, 2004 12:31 am (UTC)
It's post a bit before in the community. O_o