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I'm new and you ALL want to shoot me.

Yay, I'm new!

Dun worry, I read the rules O.o;  Not sure if you all like introduction posts and if you don't, I really am sorry.  Still, nice to meet you.

>=)  I have a friend here who doesn't seem to think that I would actually make THIS post (*cough*winter_ruins*cough*) so I figured I would prove her wrong.  And dun worry, I'll continue my little introduction after I say...

Episode 25 was the best ever and I laughed throughout the WHOLE thing!

**Notes:  I've never seen episode 25.  Actually, I've only seen a 2 minute clip of some show from the series.  I like it though.  But seeing as how my dear friend decided to be cruel to me and not give me information that I wanted, I decided I would be incredibly freaking stupid daring enough to say the above bolded line.  Why?  'Cause it's fun to make her want to kill me!  Even if it means that everyone else is going to as well!**

And now... you may all shoot me.  *draws a huge 'X' on her forehead*  Please, one shot per person as I see there are a LOT of you, and remember that 'X' marks the spot...
**awaits her horrific death(s) like the moron she is**

Again, sorry if you guys don't like me introduction posts.  The last thing I like doing is having broken bones breaking rules.  Again, nice to meet you though; no I'm not spamming I'm just digging myself into a REALLY huge hole... I really have developed an interest in this anime ^^;  And so throw me a shovel, it's too late to save me now I've started drawing these fun little comics with some of the characters (which winter_ruins has told me are very cute) and yeah...

Well... I'm dead done.  Sorry if I REALLY ticked you off... I went off topic at all @_@

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