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Greetings and drabble

Hello ^_^

I'm relatively new to the fandom but have enjoyed stalking the community for a few weeks. Its been ages since I've been inspired to write anything for a series, but FMA has been a rather compelling obsession. Its little more than pseudo-poetic Riza/Roy drabble, but I hope it'll be a warm up to tackling more serious narrative. Because it has been awhile since I've written anything, constructive criticism and general feedback would be greatly appreciated.

(my apologies for those of you stuck seeing this twice)

“A Discourse on the Nature of Fire”

Fire is heat and combustion.
The release of energy and the natural outcome of a precise and ordered sequence of events – events which can, for all their predictability, emerge from seemingly infinite (chaotic?) reactants.
Fire is both a tool and an enemy – as with all things skill, understanding, and a healthy respect of its force and power are the only necessary ingredients to tame it.
And master it.
And make it serve your needs.

Fire is an illusion.
A pale reflection of the hotter, but more distant, light of the Sun.
Shielded from its full effect, mere mortals never realize how much more potential force exists in that golden flame. By keeping its distance and fulfilling its role with a mechanical predictability and dependability, it passes under the surveillance of even the most diligent.
Fire awes and flashes and dances for the gathered crowd,
While the Sun burns on in silence.

Life will be shaped by Fire.
Fire revels in that constant game of manipulation.
Altering the presented (chaotic.) reactants in a high risk game of chess.
The slightest spark could, with the proper application of prior knowledge and exploitation of the materials at hand, ignite a revolution. Create a product beyond the wildest imaginings of the short sighted and slow witted,
Who fear the seeming unpredictability of the Flame.

Life would not continue without the Sun,
As Sun is one of the few who does not fear Fire.
It knows that its job is not to blaze the trail, but to light the path for those who create it.
The Sun’s job is never ending, but it still finds time to nudge the flames quietly (or forcefully) back to the task at hand when they flicker, falter, or fail.
And unfortunate are those who forget that the Sun can also burn

Sun is heat and combustion.
An energy that shames the efforts of earth-bound elements.
Shining gold herald of dawn and new beginnings. A direct product of reactions beyond any but the most superficial understanding.
A process not so much chaotic as complex.
Sun is neither a tool nor enemy – Sun cannot be manipulated.
Or tamed.
But Sun chooses to shine none the less.

The Sun stands in the midst of the chaos. The one constant factor in a multitude of complex reactions, untouchable but ever present. Even in winter alluding to the possible warmth of days to come.

Fire sits at his desk, latent sparks and quiet smoldering. Wondering at the impossibility that the light of the Sun could be so easily bound by a clip of metal and brown leather.

(inspired by theme 52 – “hair clip”)

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