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Fic: "Devotion", Chapter 22/?

Title: Devotion
Author: evil_little_dog
Summary: When Alphonse dies, Edward spirals out of control, and into the arms of a dangerous woman.
Characters/Pairings: Edward, Winry, Roy, Riza, Gracia, OC's. Ed/OC, Past!Winry/Al, Ed+/Winry
Disclaimer: I am not Hiromu Arakawa. I just play her on TV.
Rating: Adult.
A.N.: Alternate Reality. Everything Mangaverse is fair game, but might be seen at a different angle.
A.N. 2: Much thanks to cornerofmadness for the attaboys and edits and suggestions and also to lyrangalia for loving this story and wanting more, ‘way back when I first started writing it.

His heart thundered under her hand. Ed ground his teeth, his automail hand fisting. The hydraulics whined from the strain he put on them. Spittle struck her face as he asked, “Why the fuck do you even care, Winry?”

Fake cut takes you to my LJ, along with links to all previous chapters.
Tags: fanfic (mature)
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