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Just Some Random Goodies!

Eheh ^^;; This is my first post here...But yeah ^^ I'm Nabi! I've been in love with this awesome series for a good while now. Um...Not much else to say...As a 'I'm here!' gift, here's some fanart I did...and an icon I made =d Tis not much...But oh well!

Forgive me for the lack of quality =P I like doodling! And now for the crappy little icon...

Feel free to use it ^^; I won't be doing anything with it!

Also, I recently opened up one of them funky little Mp3 rotation sites. I'm not trying to advertise or anything, but if anyone wants to download a copy of the raw breath track version of Kesenai Tsumi (awesome song!), it's up right now. Here's the link! Anyways, I'm done here for now ^^; Ciao!

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