billypilgrim (billypilgrim) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Episode 44 @_@

Episode 44 is finishing up in Japan.. @_@ This is what I saw, my japanese isn't good.

Lyra is Dante. Dante created the sins (!?), they bow down to her. Lyra takes Rose through that waterfall place from the OP.

Hohienhemm starts hitting on Maria Ross. Ed punches him in the face, commically.

Ed tells Roy that Fuhrer is Pride, I think Roy believes him. The preview show's him talking to Fuhrer mad.

Hoienhemm talks to Roy. Al goes to talk with him, and Hoheihemm recognizes him in the armor, even know he was only a baby. Ed refuses to speak with his father. Al and Hoheinhemm stay the night in a tent, Al wakes up, get's food, and Hohhey is gone. Cut to Roy and Riza leaving, and Schieska accidenty telling Ed that Hughes is dead. Ed and Al transmutate the wall and start yelling at Winry for not telling them, Pinako says something. Not sure, calms Ed down.

Cut to Lyra with the Sins. Hoheinhemm barges in, and throws a knife at Lyra, cut her dress, and shows a wierd burned skit with bubbles and stuff, and Hoheinhemm calls her "Dante." Dante/Lyra tells Gluttony to attack, and Hohienhemm uses a wierd ice attack (using clapping to transmutate), and pushes Gluttony back, and then Dante/Lyra makes stone statues, and the ice attack is revieled to be 3 or 4 ice Al statues fighting them off.

Cut to Ed digging up his mother's grave, apologizing, and realizing there is nothing there. End. x_x;

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