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This is all LIES, I tell you!

Yo. Yea, I don't post much. But I come out of the lurky shadows because of some random thoughts/theories/brain sppewage my friends and I just popped out of our heads (as a result of watching eps 35-43 again, because they hadn't seen them). Most of them were contemplated while attempting to verify that the person in the ending is who we thought he was :D;

Oh yea. I think I should mention this is all coming from our anime knowledge, as we only have up to chapter 26 of the manga :D;;

Hohenhime has to do with the Homonculus (smack me now, yes. I know this was probably stated somehwere.) We're actually starting to think he might be a homonculus, going by random little quotes and things. He told Winry and Sciesca something that Ross commented on being from a 100 years ago.. which could actually be some random fact spewage, but in our bizarre minds we recalled that Homonculus don't age. So if he is one, he could have been there. Though I have no idea if Homonculus can reproduce or not, seeing as they're not actually human. So the possibilities running through our head are that 1. Hohenhime is a Homunculus. 2. Hohenhime is at least connected to them in a big way (which I think could be that he made Envy, after reading a few of the older posts). 3. Hohenhime is "Father" and "Him" (but we are scared of that one :D;.) Whatever it is, he's important because of what Envy told Ed in the 5th Laboratory. Which could be applied to any of those things (though probably mroe the 2nd thatn anything else)

Another thing taht just amde us generally depressed was the fact that Ed still doesn't know Hughes is dead, and he's fighting Hughes in the closing. Double angsty bonus. Though we had nothing big to say on that beyond the point that it was severely angsty.

Carrie and I were both completely stunned when the Fuhrer was a homunculus. We had both sworn it was Envy changed into him. The thing that has me completely crazy about that is that little scene after Hughes!Envy is just plain Envy, with all the other Homunculus (homunculi? XD). Everybody is there, looking menacing as usual... except for Greed (obviously) and the Fuhrer. Where the poo is the Fuhrer at? Is there something coming up soon that kills him off? You know waht my insane little mind is thinking? Despite the fact taht i'm obviously wrong, my mind is screaming taht Pride is not Pride. Pride is Envy. Pride isn't in the picture, even though Lust is, and she's hanging on some train wall or something. So my mind just keeps going on and on 'It's Envy! ENVYENVYENVY!'. ....Only because we haven't seen Envy in ages. At all. Only heard from him on the phone. Though I have no idea why he would be masquerading as Pride...But back in episode 35, he was talking about Sloth taking care of Wrath. No mention of Pride at all, even though he would be right there.

Aaahh.... But i'm still obviously wrong. Oh well? My mind can make up lots of fake pretty stories in my head, right?

Holy crap. I don't think any of that made ANY sense. ...Yea. That was us making up a bunch of stuff at 3 AM with little real information to go on. At least it sounded interesting in our heads! (Also, apologies if any of this was said before. Silly us :D;.)

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