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Otakon pictures (like you need more)

I finally got my digital camera to connect to the computer (curse you, USB port!), so I've got some FMA pictures for all to see. ~__^  There were sooooo many good costumes and so many nice people floating around, I wish I'd had more shots to use so that I could take ones of everybody (like the gal with the yellow contacts whose name I never got or Jamie from the plane... hello to you two if you're around!).  But alas, I've just got ten uploaded.  Huzzah for cosplay!


Roy loves his Chocobos.... yes he does...


Roy loves his Eds too. ~_^ (Me and my friend Bobby by the way)


Yet Ed does NOT love his milk.  He obviously doesn't know what he's missing, since it is essential with sourdough cookies, as I soon found out.


Of course the manditory photo of Armstrong and his glowy pink koosh ball, as well as an Al and a Lust.


A very nice cosplayer I met in the dealer's room who even brought along a sword and a hat for her Roy costume. ^_^


Continuing along the line of nifty people.... Winrys!


God, I make ugly faces. ^^;;;  So this Envy would lurk outside of the Artist's Alley.... waiting patiently until an unsuspecting Ed passed by.  Once her prey was in sight, she'd put on her Al helmet and call out sweetly for her brother.  Then, when the Ed curiously wandered over, she'd throw off the mask and JUMP AT AND CHASE THE POOR ED AROUND THE ROOM, yelling as only a Sin can!  Best.  Envy.  Ever in my opinion. ~__^


Taken before we left by my sister, also an FMA fan, who nagged at me concistantly while making the arm and leg that I wasn't doing them right. XP She just wishes that she had 12 feet of plastic.


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