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Cosplay yo!

I'm posting from my friend kiraqueen's house, where the two of us have been working on our costumes all day. What costumes? What for? Who's Xel-ko? Sloth and Wrath, for the Japantown Anime Faire in San Francisco, my friend who isn't on this comm, bu is an FMA fan (thanks to me, hee hee) and who is VERY good with cosplay and wigs.

First, keep in mind that theye are rough cuts. Xel-ko's wrath is actually more like Moofy, since she hasn't put in the red straps O Doom and hasn't finished her wig. But they're still pretty good. So please take a look!

First off, Moofy. ^_^ (Photographer: Me! Go me! *hugs*)

Isn't she psychotic?

closeup of the *cough*crappy*cough* Ouroboros I painstakingly drew with a fatass Sharpie on poor ticklish Xel'ko's foot. ^_^

believe it or not, she actually slathered bronze foundation on that one arm and leg. This lady is devoted to her cosplays.

Doesn't she look like she's bene living in a jungle for 11 years? (ignore the porch.)

And now, me as (as far as I know) the ONLY Sloth cosplayer out there. (This is her as she appears in 42 onward, her true Homunculus form. Woot. Pichers this time by xel-ko.)

Ignore the blueness - aren't I sexy? XD

Communicating with roses. Somehow Sloth and roses seem to go together.

Ooh, a pretty light . . .

backshot! For some reason i remind me of Drusilla . . .

And a closeup - more red sharpie ouroboros! (For her first time drwing an Ouroboros, with a fat sharpie, on skin, this is pretty good.)

That's all for now! Please tell us what you think! (We also each have another FMA cosplay in the works; Winry for me and Ed for her. Which is odd, because normally I crossplay a LOT. But, I'm not 5'2". Unlike some people . . . >_>)

See ya!

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