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Theme of Edward Elric by The Alchemists (and others)

Hi guys, I'm selling off my copy of Theme of Edward Elric by The Alchemists. It's a first press edition with unused first press illustration stickers. The songs are brilliant (the reason I'm selling it is because I need money and I already have the CD with all of the songs on. I hope someone would like to give this CD a good home. ;) )

eBay link --> Theme of Edward Elric by The Alchemists

Track List:
1. Yume No Kakera
2. Akatsuki
3. Yume No Kakera (Instrumental)
4. Akatsuki (Instrumental)
(Sung by Paku Romi, Ed's seiyuu/VA)

I'd also like to sell the themes of Lan Fan, Ling Yao and Alphonse Elric...

I haven't listed them yet, but if there's interest, I can list the Themes of Lan Fan, Alphonse Elric and Ling Yao (all of which have amazing songs on them as well, and unused first press edition illustration stickers!)
Photos below!


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