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Hi hi everyone! Recently got into FMA with a help of a friend and a high speed connection WHEEE! I read the manga before (on TW) but didn't think much about it since the translation was moving sooo slowly. Then my friend sent me four eps on a CD and I was hooked ^_^

I was surprised such a good series had such a small fanbase. There are practically no american sites listed on google, and I could only find the Japanese sites since I looked at the links someone posted in one of their posts. O_o How long has the manga series been around?

As part of my unlurking, here is the first piece of fanart I did for the series. Please excuse the fact that it's not screentoned/colored/shaded, I'm having a bit of computer issues *sob* I can only scan in line art, I can't print out copies and I don't dare to shade/color on the original. Sob. Oh yes, I know the coat is too long in the back XD XD my bad.

Edward Elric is the epitome of...

DA has no direct linking, so I'm posting the page it's on.

Looking forward to many fun conversations about stuff ^_^ And I really like everyone's art and ficcys (Go Roy/Ed smut fics XD XD)

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