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Looking for an elricest (Al x Ed) fanfic

It's been ages since I've posted here, but I've been looking for a fanfic for about 2-3 years with not much success on elricest and I'm afraid it's fallen through the cracks or my memory isn't that good. A friend of mine recommended asking the general com, so I'm hoping some of y'all from ye olde days before Brotherhood are still active and might help me with my quest.

I read the fic in my last two years of high school, so anywhere from 2006-2008, but the fic is potentially written/posted 2003-2007. I am not sure if I read it on elricest or perhaps fma_yaoi or here. My difficulty locating the fic leads me to believe it was written by an author who does not usually write elricest and was not active in that community, or maybe posted just that one fic. However, I could be wrong.

I only read the fic once and by the time I realized how much I wanted to re-read it, I seemed to have lost where I first read it. Here's what I do remember. The story was very dark and angsty, and AU. It was set in a hotel or inn. Ed is a prostitute and has one client who keeps coming back. At the end of the fic, it is revealed to the reader that the client is Alphonse and that both he and Ed know this and what it means.

I have read other elricest, Tarnished (and the sequel Polished) where Ed is a prostitute and Al is his client. Ed and Al were separated as children and Roy takes Al to a city filled with prostitutes to lose his virginity, and Al picks out Ed, not knowing it's his brother. This is NOT that fic/series.

I've been searching for several years and was wondering if anyone still checking this community would have read it or known about it. I've poured the elricest com memories and tags and haven't turned up anything, but admittedly have not done a 100% comb through.

Thanks to anyone with info on this! If you turn up any other hooker-Ed stories, I'm always interested in those and there's always the possibility that what I remember from that fanfic is way off.

And if anyone here ever followed my stuff, I still have my Deviant Art and I'm now on tumblr as peace-of-hope, so I'm still a huge FMA/elricest fan.
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