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My princess for Nochick_fics

Title: My Princess
Author: shell_mel
Rating: PG
Warnings: Just yaoi fluff and minor swearing
Spoilers: /A
Characters/Pairings: Roy/Ed
Summary Roy thinks of Edward as his Princess from time to time.
Author's Notes: A Christmas present fo nochick_fics

Roy was casually walking back to his office. He’d just had a long and rather redundant meeting with his fellow colonels about the appropriate uses of tissues and paper within the office. It had been a complete waste of his time. They should have been talking about real issues. Such as; Scar being spotted recently in Central, the rebellion in Lior or even Fullmetal’s oversized expense report. Even Maes’ daughter would have been a better topic of discussion and that had been a dead horse long ago. If anything the meeting only seemed to be useful in giving him a break from his paper work.

Though he had a feeling he was forgetting something. It wasn’t anything big. Something small. Roy was still unable to put his finger on it as he walked back into the office. Hawkeye looked up at him and stood as he entered. She offered a salute before picking up a rather large stack of paperwork.

“Edward is currently waiting in your office for you, Sir.” She said as she walked round the desk towards him. “Make sure your paperwork is done by five, no later.”

That was it! Edward was due back this afternoon. He was here a little early, but there can always be a first.

“Thank you, Lieutenant.” Roy said as he reluctantly took the stack of paper.

The only thing that seemed to stop his mood from plummeting was the fact that Edward had arrived. He missed the tiny alchemist. Always so easy to rifle up, and the nights were less lonely when the blond was in Central.

Roy opened the door and closed it behind him. There was no little blond waiting for him eagerly, or even yelling at him. Only silence greeted him. It was only when he placed his paperwork on the desk he caught sight of the alchemist.

A small smile found its way upon his lips as he gazed upon a sleeping Edward. The blond was lying on his back on the couch. There were very few members of his squad who could lie on the couches comfortably. Edward had no trouble, due to being so small. His head lay on the armrest; his braid was draped over the side of the couch and was showing signs of coming undone. Edward’s flesh arm lay across his stomach, the hand slipping under his jacket and tank top to lie on his stomach, while the metal one was hanging over the side of the couch.
Roy moved over to the couch and silently sat down on the edge next to the blond. Edward’s lips were parted slightly in sleep. His face was completely relaxed with no signs of a frown to be found. Roy would never say it often, Edward would never allow it, but he thought the boy was beautiful. Almost as if he was a princess.

Roy was carefully looking the boy up and down, looking for signs of injury or discomfort due to his mission. There seemed to be nothing of the sort. Roy allowed his gaze to go back to Edward’s face. It would come as no surprise then when he found he could no longer resist. He had to kiss the sleeping teen. He leaned forwards, allowing their lips to connect. He had intended the kiss to be short and sweet, until the teen below him decided short and sweet just wasn’t going to cut it. Edward returned the kiss, causing Roy to smile as he pulled back.

“Welcome back, Sleeping Beauty.” Roy whispered.

“Not a girl.” Edward mumbled sleepily at him, pouting slightly. “What time is it?”

Roy smirked slightly at the sleepy blond before looking at the clock.

“Just before twelve.” He replied as he brushed some hair out of Edward’s face.

“Stop it.” Edward mumbled as he swatted Roy’s hand away. “I’m hungry.”

Roy raised an eyebrow at the statement.

“The cafeteria is probably just about ready to serve up lun-“ He started before Ed waved him off.

“Come on, Mustang.” He sighed. “I’ve just gotten back from crappy mission and you want me to have meatloaf surprise? Take me out to lunch. Somewhere nice.”

Roy was silent for a moment. Ed wasn’t the sort to be wined and dined. He didn’t take well to being taken out. Especially to nice, fancy places. Roy had tried, extensively. He wasn’t sure what exactly Ed wanted, and Ed seemed to sense it too.

“Roy?” Ed said, drawing his attention. “Somewhere with good food, not some shitty posh place that’ll have some old crow getting upset by my attitude and outfit. Just somewhere where we can get a decent meal that isn’t possibly found running around the kitchen floor before being served up.”

Roy allowed a smile to return to his face.

“You really don’t have a high opinion for our cafeteria, do you?” He asked amused.

“Maybe if they could cook a decent meal.” Ed insisted as he scooted back a little so he could sit up.

Roy’s smiled turned into a smirk as Ed sat up. The boy’s hair was a mess and probably likely to come out of its braid soon. It would be nice to see Ed’s hair down more often. It was such a beautiful colour and so soft too. However, Ed seemed to avoid having it down at all costs. If Roy didn’t steal the hair band when they went to bed then it would probably stay up for most of the night. It was such a shame to bind such beauty away.

“What about that little café by the park?” Roy suggested. “It’s not too far from here and you seemed to enjoy the food there last time.”

Ed thought it for a moment, leaning back against the couch. Though this didn’t last for long. After all, this was Edward’s stomach probably doing most of the thinking right now.

“Alright.” Ed agreed, smiling happily. “Can we go now, or is Hawkeye going to have something to say about it?”

Roy felt his face drop slightly as he turned to look at the paperwork on his desk. Surely he would have time for a lunch break, right? If he was back by one then he’d have four hours to get through it all… Fuck it.

“We’ll be fine.” He assured Ed, offering the blond a hand up.

The hand was accepted. It was the right hand he held. Roy never flinched at the cold, hard touch through the glove. Nor did Roy ever avoid touching his lover’s automail. It was a part of the teen he loved so much. Though, it was one quality that would remind him time and time again that Edward was not quite a typical princess. Not brought up in a castle in some fairy tale. His princess had a past, a painful one.

Roy pulled Ed up, but did not more away to run off to lunch. Instead he wrapped his arms around the short blond.

“Did you miss me?” He asked playfully.

Ed rolls his eyes, but leans into the hug none the less.

“Do we have to play these games?” Ed asked with a sigh.

“Games?” Roy asked. “That hurts Ed. You know I don’t like sending you away like this.”

“I know.” Ed admitted, his arms creeping around Roy to return the hug.

This sweet little moment was ruined by Edward’s stomach growling loudly, reminding Roy that the boy had been hungry. When wasn’t Ed hungry after all? Ed looked up at Roy shyly.

“Alright.” Roy sighed. “Let’s go.”

They headed for the door together. Roy got the door for Ed, only to be shot a glare for his thoughtfulness. His princess didn’t like people getting doors for him. He would always jump to the conclusion it was either a jab at his height or out of pity due to his automail. Roy did it because he was, and will always be, a gentleman. Even, if his princess would protest to such treatment.

Hawkeye looked as they entered the room, pausing in her own paperwork.

“Going somewhere, Sir?” She asked, her finger twitching slightly as it held the pen.

Roy swallowed, feeling his hopes start to fall.

“Just to lunch, Lieutenant.” He informed her. “I’ll be back by one.”

There was a silence from everyone in the room. Even Edward’s stomach.

“I’ll see you then, Sir.” She said after a while. “And I will still expect all that paperwork done, Sir.”

Hawkeye’s gaze warned him that should he not get it done, he should be spending his time with Ed as if it were his last.

“Of course.” Roy said, making sure to keep up his usual confidence as they headed for the door.


The café was pretty quiet today. On the way over Ed had fixed his hair so it was back into its normal braid. Roy had suggested he leave it down, but that didn’t go down too well.

They ordered their meals and chatted together while they waited.

“Havoc finally managed to get a girlfriend.” Roy smiled.

“Good for him.” Ed said. “Hopefully he won’t scare this one off.”

“I think he’ll be alright.” Roy said with confidence.

“We just have to make sure you never meet her.” Ed teased.

“Now that’s not fair.” Roy said, obviously not liking the jab as Ed had.

“Oh come on, Roy.” Ed said, smiling. “You know I’m joking.”

“Well I didn’t find it funny.” Roy said, a small smile creeping onto his face. “Are you going to make it up to me?”

“Maybe.” Ed said as he got up from the table. “If you’re good. Now did you want something to drink?”


Roy watched as Ed wondered over to the counter to get them some drinks. He thought about some of the things Ed could possibly do to ‘make it up’ to him. Though those thoughts vanished pretty quickly as a man by the counter proceeded to grab Ed’s ass.

Roy hadn’t even made it to the standing position before the guy was flat on his back with a ranting alchemist going off his head at the man.
His princess was not the type to take something like that submissively. He would not be the type to wait in a tower for Roy to come and save him from. His princess could defend his own honour. And at the rate this pervert was getting his ass kicked, they would probably be luck to be able to leave without being kicked out or the police getting called. So like any brave knight, Roy went over to save the poor man from his rather violent princess.

His relationship with Edward may not be typical or a fairy tale, but at least it would never be dull.

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