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13 December 2012 @ 07:59 pm
FMA stuff for sale!  
Hi all!
I need to clear some space in my room, so a lot of this stuff has to find new homes!

>>> Click here for my sales page! <<<

  • Bluebird's Illusion game
  • Ed Elric and Roy Mustang plushies (UFO catchers) from the Conqueror of Shamballa movie
  • Conqueror of Shamballa DVD
  • Keychains and cellphone charms
  • FMA artbook
  • Gashapon figures of Ed, Winry, and Armstrong
  • FMA pins
  • 30+ doujinshi (mainly gen and gag) that are all $3 or less!
  • Buy 3, get 1 free doujinshi special!
  • FMA shoes
  • FMA production artwork (rough sketches and genga)
  • Various freebies!