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Compare and Contrast 1/1

Originally posted by sofipitchat Compare and Contrast 1/1

Title: Compare and Contrast

Author: Sofipitch

Word Count: 924

Warnings: none

Rating: PG

Summary:  He was cruel, but he seemed much more panicked when confronting all of them on the promised day. Mustang had yet to see if that theory was true.

A/N: I wrote this, I want to say, a few months ago and had in mind to edit and expand it, but lost my flash drive where it was held and then forgot about it. It was written for fma_fic_contest prompt 176: Arrogance, so I copy and pasted it on to word but copy and pasting it made the word document freak out and act weird. But I finally got it done.

            Hawkeye nearly entered the room with him. As he saw her trying to enter he got a sickly feeling in his gut, reminding him of just who they were dealing with and how close he had come to killing her. The scars left from everything that had happened on the promised day had yet to heal, literally and figuratively. His eyes focused on the end of the thin scar that lined her neck and shoulder."I think I'll handle this one alone, Lieutenant."
          She looked confused, but she nodded her head and took a step back either way. He knew she would stand right outside and that the walls were thin enough for her to hear the entire conversation and be able to jump in if things got violent. She felt the need to warn him that she would know if he chose to being threatening the captive or attack him. "I'll be right outside the door if you need me."

          He nodded. “I understand,” he reassured.

         When he entered alone he saw the creature in the jar’s eyes narrow. “Your babysitter isn’t going to come say hello? How rude.” The creature taunted not even missing a beat. The fact that it felt the need to being right away annoyed Roy, but he knew it meant the creature felt unease and that he should be glad it felt intimidated.
         Mustang narrowed his eyes but spoke in a casual fashion, treating the fact the same way the little monster would’ve. Though he made sure to be firm. “I’m not going to let you try to kill her again.”
    Envy scoffed. “I’m in too weak of a form to try and kill her.” It seemed to review its words in his head and a twisted smile stretched across the creature’s… face? Body? It seemed to be wanting to take chances and risks with him. “It would have been quite the experience to kill her. You see, I’ve actually never strangled someone to death.” The creature let a ‘dramatic’ pause settle before continuing. “I prefer guns.” It was said in a casual tone, but he knew he understood the possible effects of his words.
    Roy’s teeth clenched and his eye twitched. The creature was being surprisingly blunt this time, was he getting desperate? Was he scared?  Last time he had faced him he had acted the same way, yet Edward had said that he didn’t usually talk that. He was cruel, but he seemed much more panicked when confronting all of them on the promised day. Mustang had yet to see if that theory was true.
    “Fullmetal also told me you were the one who started the civil war in Ishval.”
    The creature seemed thrown off by the lack of reaction to his previous statement, before deciding to simply go with it.

A patch of green skin just above his eye rose. “And…”
    “Why did you do it?”
    The thing snickered. “Why, the same reason you killed all those people in Ishval. I was ordered to.” The creature was so direct in comparing himself to Roy, as if there were no difference. It almost seemed as if he had rehearsed his answer; he must have known he would be confronted for his crime.
    Roy bared his teeth at the creature. “Don’t compare yourself to me. You did it willingly. You took enjoyment out of it.” He snarled the last part, all he could do was picture Maes’ body limp on the floor of the telephone booth. “Give me a real answer.”
    The creature seemed to take enjoyment out of Roy’s anger at him and his actions. He smiled and completely ignored his last statement. “You willingly joined the military.”

    “I was looking to help the people of Amestris.”
    “And I was looking to help the expansion of my race and my father.” Again, he didn’t miss a beat.
    Mustang’s face twisted in one of anger. He wanted to kill that monster so badly. That was the one death he wouldn’t mourn over causing.

    The creature just kept smiling at him. “What’s wrong? Can’t face the truth?” He laid down in his cage, both eyes focused on him, awaiting his response.
    Envy was now starting to play games; he needed to leave before Hawkeye had to come in to get him before he physically hurt the thing. “You’re delusional if you think we are anything a like.” He walked out of the room before he ended up blowing that thing to pieces. He left Envy grinning in his prison, one that he himself built.
    “That thing would get along great with that mad bomber Kimblee. I’ll let the Furher handle him; I can’t without killing him.” He told Riza before she could ask how he was or how it went. Her back stiffened a little at the thought of what the Crimson Lotus Alchemist had told her on the battlefields of Ishval.
     “Furher Armstrong will be determining his fate soon.” Riza said in condolence and she heard his heavy footsteps and saw the white knuckles of his clenched fists. Her mouth drew into a thin line. It wasn’t like she hadn’t heard what Envy had said, but she had more experience in drowning out what she didn’t want to hear. She figured the homunculus’s words had a different effect on Mustang than they would on her.
    “I know. I don’t plan to come back. The next time I see him, he’d better be ready for execution or I’ll do it myself.” Oh, how Mustang couldn’t wait for that day.


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