angsty lemon uke (wabisuke) wrote in fm_alchemist,
angsty lemon uke


Yay! Another topic about Otakon!

Actually, no. I don't have time since I have a flight to catch and thus have to leave very soon. And I just got back from Otakon. WTF.

Anyways, I wanted to say that I had a great time and loved everyone who cosplayed FMA. I probably ran into a lot of you sometime along the way. That photoshoot in the lobby was CRAAAAAZY. And then the FUNi one right after? I think my head still spins. The L'arc concert did nothing to calm my nerves. Haha.

I leave you with this one picture my friend took of me:

omg, i'm so blonde

I laugh at the name she gave it. Please note that the picture was taken in the afternoon after my wig got completely messed up from a tree. =D;

And I'll post pictures that I took when I get back. These include:

Porn!Armor Al! (I put my camera below the statue and took a picture. It's so porn. XDD;;; )
Roy and Ed's wedding!
Crazy Lobby Photoshoot of Doom!

That's all. You'll probably forget all that until I post them anyways. Bye! =D;

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