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04 October 2012 @ 12:18 am
Drabble tree !  

(Rules adapted from muir_wolf)
How this works: below is a drabble. To participate, reply to this post with another drabble (or small ficclet, we won't count the words) containing a sentence or phrase from the original. Please leave the words you took on the first line, as well as the characters/pairing/rating/tw. The next person continues the trend, taking a sentence or phrase from any of the existing drabbles and creating their own.
You can draw from any drabble as many times as you want. It's okay to change the tense or the POV of the bit you've taken if you need to for it to make sense !
The tree will be up till the end of Sunday - once it's close, you can comment all the way you want (the tree would be a bit difficult to read with comments in the middle of it)

Starter drabble (Winry, G)

The only constant about those birthdays is that neither of them is here.
Last year, they were both in Central and today - Alphonse is with Mei so she doesn’t have to worry at all, especially when she received a long letter from them. As for Ed, he’s somewhere in the West, that’s for sure - but she’s used not to have any news from him and, to be fair, the contrary would be quite scary.
She doesn’t mind - worrying about them at this point would be ridiculous. With so many patients to take care of, it would be a full time job she just couldn’t afford. But she allows herself an hour to climb the familiar hill and leave flowers among the remains of a burnt house being slowly reclaimed by grass.

Barking at the wind: Puppy Walk Me Nowevil_little_dog on October 4th, 2012 09:52 pm (UTC)
OC, Ed, Winry, K+
I'm Edward, Edward Elric.

He could hardly wait to see her again. The prettiest woman in Rush Valley, and he’d managed to get her to be his mechanic. Those blue eyes; her soft skin; the way she’d tie her coveralls around her waist to show off her body – oh, she was just gorgeous. And she always had a smile for everyone, and was so kind.

Ray adjusted his collar, coughed softly into his hand to smell his breath. It seemed okay. He checked his reflection in a glass window, smoothing his hair back, but that stupid cowlick just fell down over his eyebrow again. With a sigh, he started walking toward her shop. As he reached the opening into the machine room, Ray plastered a smile on his face. “Miss Rockbell!” he called, “I’m here for my appointment!”

She glanced up from where she was at her patient’s chair, a blond guy stretched over it, the grill to his leg opened up for her inspection of its interior. A pair of magnifying glasses made her eyes look huge and strange when she blinked a couple of times. “Oh, Ray. You’re early, aren’t you?” Turning her head, Winry looked toward the wall, and the clock on it, pushing the goggles down to dangle at her throat like a strange necklace.

The blond man stretched his flesh leg. “I can wait,” he said, “if you’ve got an appointment.”

“Yeah, it’s not like you’re going anywhere for a few days.” Winry slapped the grill closed, screwing it down. “And you know where everything is.”

“I could order some dinner?” he offered. “Or would you rather go out? Or maybe,” leaning closer, he moved a strand of her hair out of the way to whisper in her ear.

Ray all but vibrated at that improper touch, but it made Winry smile and her cheeks pink up. “Yeah,” she said, “that’d be nice.” Then she gave him a shove. “Get out of here. I have work to do.”

Grinning, the blond got off the chair. “Hey,” he said, “you’re new, right? I’m Edward, Edward Elric.” He offered his hand to Ray. “Winry’s betrothed.”