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For A Long Time Now /1

Originally posted by sofipitch at Fullmetal Alchemist, Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye, 2/3: Lust, "For A Long Time Now"

Title: For A Long Time Now

Author: Sofipitch

Set + Theme: Set 2, theme 3: lust

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist

Pairing(platonic or romantic)/Character/Threesome: Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye, Romantic

Rating: PG-13ish

Genre(s): romance

Warning(s): none

Word Count: 1,206

Disclaimer/Claimer: Why yes, I do dress up in a cow suit to do my research on alchemy and create mouthy brats that save the world. It’s a family tradition.

Summary: They hadn’t thought there was any attraction between them.

    His first impression of her had been that she was a weird girl. She never spoke much, she had mannerisms that gave people the impression that she didn’t want you to get too close to her, and she never seemed to take much enjoyment out of anything. Nor did she ever seem to need or want anything. It made her strange in his eyes; she was so much more different than the women that had raised him.

   Because of the fact that he couldn’t relate to her in any way, he kept his distance. He just never really bothered to get to know her. It wasn’t until her father’s death was he able to get to know her a little bit more. They could even have considered each other friends. It was only research though. They knew each other through alchemy, and she was helping him crack the code her father had engraved on her back. Yes, she was a female and he was male, and they just happened to be spending some time with each other. But that didn’t mean anything. There was no attraction between them, whatsoever.


   They met again on the broken land of what was then—and to this day still is considered—Ishval. They became friends once again, and started talking. They talked more than they ever had before. They talked to keep the death and destruction as far away from their memories as possible, even as it slowly decayed their hearts. But it could’ve just been that Maes was there with them, whom always carried an optimistic attitude with him. The three of them, “the trio” as others liked to call them, became very good friends. Even then, both Roy and Riza still claimed that there was nothing else between the two of them but friendship.

   One very hot night, Maes wasn’t there. They went into Riza’s tent, to avoid the disease carrying insects, and they continued talking. But at one point in the conversation they stopped talking, because they couldn’t due to their lips having crushed together. They spent the rest of the night together, and no one bothered them.

   Roy returned back to his and Maes’ tent at sunrise. They decided that there might just be attraction between the two of them.


   They never spoke of what happened between them. And when Riza was appointed his subordinate, Roy made sure to keep his distance. He would publicly flirt with her, but that was just a cover. If Roy Mustang-- the man who had practically every woman in East City swooning-- were working with a very attractive woman and just didn’t try to flirt with her, it would defiantly give some people a reason to be suspicious of the two of them. Although Roy couldn’t say that he didn’t enjoy flirting with her or that he really didn’t mean what he said to her sometimes; it was the best of covers.

   Every once in a while Roy would find him staring at Riza. He found himself looking past all the layers of the military uniform and imagining the naked body he—and probably only he—had seen in that tent in Ishval. The only difference from then would be that the tattoo on her back wouldn’t be completely visible due to the scars marring the inking. And sometimes while with other woman, he would pretend he wasn’t. Instead of brown hair he would see blonde, brown eyes would replace green, and instead of a tiny petite figure there would be broad shoulders and muscled body.      
   Eventually, these illusions were all Roy would see during his dates with all those other woman, accept for the occasional dates with one of the Madame’s girls. But those don’t qualify as dates anyways.

   Roy was soon faced with the fact that he might just possibly be in love with Riza. All that was left to decide now was how she felt. Her feelings though, were always left unspoken, not because he was a wimp (or so he told himself) but because he didn’t want to damage any friendship or partnership with a declaration of love. Things were awkward enough hunting down mythical creatures, he didn’t want to include sexual awkwardness into the mix.

   Whether it was upon frantic whim or annoyance of the situation presented, Roy one day decided that all of those dates with the other women were not enough for him. He grabbed Riza, not one drop of common sense having processed itself through his mind, and kissed her. Riza would later claim that her reaction--returning the kiss and running her hand through his dark hair--was just some odd muscle spasm. Roy later would claim that it had been something that had needed to happen a very long time ago.

   They were lucky no one had happened to walk in on them. They didn’t know how long they were kissing; seconds, minutes, hours, days, it didn’t matter. They just knew that they had needed it, ever since that night in Ishval and they had had the first teaser of what their lives could be like.

   Riza was the first to break the connection between their lips. “We’re not supposed to be doing this.” It came out rushed, as she struggled slightly to regain her breath.

   Roy smirked—nearly laughed. “Or this,” he kissed her cheek, “or this,” her lips, “or this,” her jaw this time. He repeated his mantra over and over as he continuously kissed her face. Riza made no move to stop him, even though she had repeatedly told herself that she would not fall to any of the colonel’s whims.

  Riza grabbed Roy by the cheeks and pulled him away from her forehead and back down to her lips. They continued kissing each other passionately on the lips till they heard the softest echoing of footsteps right outside the door. They practically bounced away from each other.

  The footsteps ended up being a false alarm, whoever they belonged to didn’t end up coming into Mustang’s office, just continued to make their way down the hall. They relaxed slightly.

  “Not here. If we continue to do this, we won’t do it here,” Riza said. Roy nodded in agreement. That had been too close of a call for Roy’s liking. They didn’t want to actually be walked in on, not with the military’s rules against fraternization, and not with their professional appearance at stake. And there was also the fact that it was late at night and not many other people were in the building, but if they got to use to being intimate with each other, they might end up doing or saying something that would reveal themselves to other military workers during the normal work hours.

  But as Roy ran through all unfortunate possibilities that could end up happening and all the necessary precautions they were going to have to take, he realized the most important thing of all; she hadn’t said no. Riza hadn’t objected to being with him and was even coming up with ways to be able meet with him in secrecy. 

  “Finally,” was the only thought that processed itself through his mind before he grabbed her and kissed Riza again.


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