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My brain hurts (episode 43!)

If I can survive the remainder of this series, I'll consider it an heart can't take much more of this... O_o

So...let's recap.

Hohenheim is not only back, but he is so far not an asshole, seems to have no clue as to how long he's been gone, and perhaps most importantly, remembers the valley as it was over 100 years ago. (I mention, in passing, how this plays very nicely into my conviction that Envy is his sin >;)

Lust is pinned to the inside of a train car. Is she dead? Probably not. Captured and enduring punishment/awaiting judgement? Probably yes.

Alphonse has been turned in to the philosopher's stone, earning a new opening dialogue that suggests the way he and his brother perform alchemy is about to change radically.....also, when he touches Ed, he's mentally whisked back to the Gate.

Roy Mustang seems about to jump headfirst into abandoning the army entirely. (Perhaps he will overthrow Pride and take his place as Fuhrer after all? Miniskirts anyone? ^_-)


Did I mention the part where Ed and Al's father is BACK? O_O

*falls over*

Thoughts, anyone? My brain is whirring like crazy.
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