soraina_skye (soraina_skye) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Short Fics Post

I was looking through my files and found a few short or unfinished fics that I never posted, so I figured I might as well put them up here.

This was written with one of the fma_fic contest prompts in mind, but for some reason I never submitted it. Beware the creepy.

The idea was delicious. )

Another fma_fic contest one, though I did post this to the comm, I never reposted it afterward. Its cute rather than creepy this time.

"open your eyes" )

I actually placed for this fic. Another fma_fic contest one.

She knew it all. )
I don't think I ever posted this to livejournal. Its one of my many Hohenhiem stories, and I hope you all enjoy.

"There's a monster under the bed." )
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