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What She Chose To Do 1/1

Title: What She Chose To Do
Author: Sofipitch
Series: manga/brotherhood
Word Count: 615
Rating: PG
Characters: Scar, Winry, Mei, Yoki, implied others
Summary: He felt he understood her situtation.
Warnings: spoilers for during the Briggs arc.
A/N: Written for fma fic contest.

    It was the first time since the death of the little chimera girl that he felt truly sorry for someone  to be so involved with alchemy. The little girl hadn’t known better, she wouldn’t have been able to defend herself if she had anyways, but she on the other hand chose to follow this path.

    She could have walked away, returned home. She could have decided she didn’t want to be living in this hell on earth anymore and could have left. She didn’t know alchemy, she didn’t really seem to care for it either. But he watched the way she would stare at the back of the short state alchemist with fear and hope. “Just promise me you’ll stay safe.” He saw the way she would look at the boy in the suit of armor, with pity and reliance. “Don’t let Ed do anything stupid, okay?” And, he somehow got the idea that she wouldn’t be leaving anytime soon.

    She breathed in heavy labored breaths, the air a mix of freezing cold snow and warm and moist dirt from the cavern walls. She clenched and unclenched her hands in a spasmodic motion, signifying worry. Every so often she would look around her, over her shoulder, behind her, as if expecting to see the brothers walking alongside her.

    She chose to be kidnapped by Scar the murderous Ishvalan. She chose to come to Fort Briggs. She chose to support those brothers. It was a shame, really. She could be living a normal life as a normal Amestrian teenager. But no here she was, traveling through a mine shaft with a group of outlaws on her way to the most powerful and well-guarded fort in all of Amestris in hope of gaining help from what seemed to be, a very scary and dangerous woman general.

    He thinks that maybe saying something will help ease her. “Calm down. They’ll be fine. Worry about yourself for now.” She jerked her head around to face him, whom’s presence she hadn’t been acknowledging. Her fists clenched and unclenched again and her head jerked up and down.

    “That’s not the way to comfort someone! It won’t comfort her to think of where we are! We are trapped in a mine shaft-” Yoki went on and on rambling about what a horrible situation they were in, very pleasantly reminding everyone once again of how terrible things were at this point and time.  Scar simply did what he always did and  blocked out the small man’s yelling with his own thoughts.

    Eventually, once Yoki shut up, Mei started to make conversation with her and she seemed to calm down a bit. Her fears wouldn’t ever go away, but at least she had something to keep her occupied while they made their way through the tunnels that had once been used to transport coal to the Briggs Fortress and were now possibly their only chance for survival. Mei had a very comforting presence, her young and innocent nature soothing those around her with optimistic thoughts of the future.

    Scar felt he understood the Rockbell’s daughter’s situation, not wanting to have anything to do with alchemy, but the people you love most end up sucking you into it’s deep and dangerous trenches. And he knew she had suffered because of it. Some additional suffering also coming from other forces-- such as him-- but in the end, it all rotated back to alchemy being the one to blame.

    He knew that throughout her life time, she would continue to suffer, her childhood itself being enough to scar some people for life, but he could only wish that it would get better and that the world would treat her fairly.

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