ynx&nyx (seizansha) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Moonlit Avalon - 2/?

all the usual late excuses aside, i had a little epiphany for this after i wrote 'Daddy's Girl' so it had to get re-plotted out. about 90% of the Post CoS fics are either Ed/Noa, AngstEd because they found Winry but it's not Winry, or they get back to Amestris. yeah i'm writing the third one but with an unheard of(?) twist that's definitely gonna be a challenge. ^-^

Title: Moonlit Avalon
Chapter: 1/?
Rating: R/M
Genre: Drama, Romance, Mysticism
Warnings: Post Shambala, EdWin and EdWin. ^^
Summary: Following Hohenheim's attempt, his research, Ed's taken them to England.If an attempt to get to one mythical land got Ed back to Amestris, maybe trying to reach a different one will get Ed and Al home for good. After two years, Winry's starting to accept that they really are gone. But a brief visit on a moonlit night reminds her just how stubborn those stupid Elric brothers are.

After almost two years I've pretty much gotten used to this. Kinda hard to stand in this forest though. )
Tags: fanfic (mature)
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