Niki Birkedahl (Niki Birkedahl) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Niki Birkedahl
Niki Birkedahl

FMA Doujinshis for Sale!

Originally posted by Niki Birkedahl at FMA Doujinshis for Sale!
Hi! I'm selling some FMA goods to earn a little money. If you're interested leave a comment! If this is not allowed on the community, feel free to delete. Everything can be paid via paypal. Just leave a comment with your interest and I'll give you the info :3

Side E: rated G, no pairings, just military nonsense XD $11 USD

Chocolate: Rated R18 HavocxRoy, $13 USD

Trace that it has Rained: Rated R18, HughesxRoy, $13 USD

Maes Hughes with His Friends and Family: Rated PG, no pairings, just fluff. $13 USD

Desert Eagle: Rated PG, no pairings, military fun, $11 USD

Jack: Rated R16, HughesxRoy, $15 USD

Some wall scrolls, each $10 USD

And an Ed figure. Out of box but in good condition, $6 USD

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