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Two Fics - 'After Five Years' and 'Moonlit Avalon'

Title: After Five Years
Rating: G/E
Genre: Drama, Angsty
Warning: entirely Dialogue, Post Brotherhood anime only!
Summary: What happened when Ed and Al step out of Al's Gate.

It’s the first time he’s slept in five years, leave him alone! )

this was spawned off a discrepancy in Shambala - in the 2003 anime Hohenheim was working for England, in Shambala he's working for the Germans. there's an EdWin one too, i might work it later in this. ^^;

Title: Moonlit Avalon
Chapter: 1/?
Rating: R/M
Genre: Drama, Romance, Mysticism
Warnings: Post Shambala leaning up to EdWin.
Summary: Following Hohenheim's attempt, his research, Ed's taken them to England.If an attempt to get to one mythical land got Ed back to Amestris, maybe trying to reach a different one will get Ed and Al home for good. After two years, Winry's starting to accept that they really are gone. But a brief visit on a moonlit night reminds her just how stubborn those stupid Elric brothers are.

Ed’s smile wobbled as he held his hand out to her, “Wait for me, okay?” )
Tags: fanfic, fanfic (general), fanfic (mature)
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