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04 July 2012 @ 05:51 pm
[Fic] Catalysis, Roy/Ed, Arc II: Chapter 08  
Title: Catalysis (Full details, here. Also available on Fanfiction.Net & AO3.)
Writer: iluxia
Editor: aventria
Genre: General, Drama, Romance, Action-Adventure, Political Intrigue, Mild Angst
Words: For this chapter (all parts), ~51000
Rating(s): PG-13 for this chapter.
Warning(s): Language, some sexual themes, violence.
Pair(s): Roy Mustang / Edward Elric (eventual); Roy Mustang / Maes Hughes (past); Envy / Edward Elric; no other pairs established as of yet.
Story Summary: We have all watched Edward's struggle to regain his brother's body and undo the past. We have read stories in which he succeeds to do so, and some in which he does not. Now let's try for something different.
This time, let's ask: what if, ultimately, Trisha Elric never died?
Watch as Edward Elric walks a path markedly different from the old, meeting the people who will help shape his perspective, challenge his beliefs, further his science -- all the while getting himself entangled in a momentous mess that began centuries even before he was born.
Because after all, though a path might be deviant, no path is wrong.

( Chapter 08: "You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed." In which lots of things happen, in Roy's point of view. )

Crossposted here, original on catalisis.