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hello and questions

I'm here because lazulisong is an evil, evil person. Which is, of course, why we luv her. I write, and ordinarily I'd say hello with fic, but...yeah, the DVD came with the complimentary Bunny Package, but some joker filled it with Epic!Bunnies rather than the expected RandomSmut! and Humor!Bunnies. *curses at length* And so far I've seen the scanlations and the first 13 eppies, am downloading the 14th, and won't be able to pick up my tanks until Tuesday. (Which won't really be much help, as my translation skills are as pathetic as an overabundance of language dictionaries will allow...) And I have a four-day weekend between then and now to do nothing but write.

Sooooo...I'm here to beg and whine for canon help. *big eyes*

First--do we ever learn anything more about the surrounding countries? Heck, is there a map somewhere? *grins* For that matter...what is the name of the country? I'm sure it's been mentioned and my brain is refusing to see it, argh. (11 hours of sleep in 3 days will do this to you...and possibly explains the bunnies as well...) Um, see, someone declared war while I was trying to catch a nap, and I just need to know how much room I have to make stuff up in or if they've made it easy on me and I can pick some lucky country from a list, heh...

And second--is it just me? is it just the anime? or do they mean to imply that alchemists tend to specialize in certain transmutations? Obviously Ed can do pretty much anything he sets his mind to...but do we ever see Roy trasmute anything that doesn't involve setting it on fire? I just noticed this because the impostor kid (Forrester...*groan!*...god, I love the puns in this thing...) seemed to have a knack with plants, and Bad Mister Tucker No! no! do not make plastic surgery jokes! seemed to have the animal kingdom sewn up (*thwaps self*), and of course there's Roy with his prettypretty explody stuff...*grins* So, what, is that just for effect in the anime, or do people really have, er, selective talent? Just curious, more than anything...

Okay, shutting up now...and thanks in advance!

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