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How to Die - Chapter 9

Title: How to Die
Author: Shell Mel
Rating: PG - 13
Warning: Some violence and near death scenes. Also for Ed's swearing.
Spoilers: Spoilers for episode 22 and end of anime series.
Characters: Edward Elric, Roy Mustang
Summary: AU Edward never though much about the incident back in lab 5 with the red water. He doesn't really remember it that much. He's seventeen now, repaying his debt by helping Mustang reach the top now Al finally has his body again. But what happens when he and Mustang become targets for assassination?
Author Notes: Alternative ending to Anime series. Prologue is based in episode 22, while the rest is a year after the series.

Havoc had left Edward with the doctor before heading downstairs to where everyone was gathered. He quietly entered the room, obviously not wanting to distract everyone from the meeting. However, that didn’t do much as they were all waiting to hear about Edward. Hawkeye looked up, stopping the discussion of guards and rosters.

“Report?” She said to him.

“The kids fine,” Havoc said. “A little out of it, but he’s all clean at least now. Wasn’t really awake much. He’d be with me one moment, and then he kind of nodded off again.”

“Fury,” Hawkeye said, looking over at the younger man. “If you could go keep an eye on Edward while we finish up here, that would be good.”

The young solider jumped up when his name was called.

“Yes, ma’am,” he said, quickly leaving the room to do as he was asked.

“Havoc,” Roy said, getting the smokers attention. “Did Fullmetal say anything?”

“Nah,” The blond shook his head. “I asked him about the incident, but I didn’t really get a response. I’m pretty sure he just dropped off again on me.”

Roy nodded, but didn’t say anything. Maybe when he was more rested he would perhaps be able to tell them about what he had done and how it was even possible.

Roy felt strange. He felt something tugging him. He had felt the small tug since his revival, but it was becoming more and more obvious in his mind. Not much more was discussed in their meeting. Just the roster of guard duty, security of the estate, security when at the office, etc. All the stuff he wouldn’t get a say in. They decided that it would be better if they covered his eye again when in public and set up something with the hospital to perhaps make it look like he had received surgery to repair the damage. However, that would have to wait until the current situation had blown over.

Roy excused himself from the meeting, following the tug curiously. It let him to Ed. Once he was in the room where the boy was currently residing, the feeling oddly enough disappeared. Ed was currently leaning on Kain, drinking some of the protein shake the doctor suggested they give him to try and help him get better. Though, Ed seemed to be slipping off to sleep where he sat.

“How is he?” Roy asked quietly.

Kain looked up at him, as he gently settled Ed back into bed.

“His fever spiked at some point when Havoc was cleaning him up,” Kain said as he rewet the cloth and placed it back on the boy’s forehead. “The doctor put the IV drip in before leaving. He said he’d be back tomorrow to check on Edward. Ed managed to drink a little of his protein shake, but didn’t seem all that with it.”

Roy nodded as he approached the bed. Edward lay still. The only movement was his laboured breathes.

“You think he’ll be okay?” Kain asked quietly.

“Yes,” Roy said with certainty. “Fullmetal, is a tough little shrimp. He’s done the impossible so many times and made it out okay. He’ll do it again.”

The impossible indeed.

There was a soft knock on the door before it opened to reveal Armstrong.

“General?” Armstrong said quietly. “I need to talk to you about a pressing manner.”

“Shall we take a walk then?” Roy suggested.

Armstrong nodded. They both left the room. The tugging feeling returned now he wasn’t with Edward. Strange.

“Major?” Roy asked, wanting to hear what was on the alchemist’s mind.

“What young Edward did earlier,” Armstrong started as they walked down the hallway. “It was not the first time, sir. Nearly two years ago, when we rescued the boys from laboratory five, the boy had a similar reaction there.”

“What caused it?” Roy asked, frowning.

There was so very little he knew about the incident as Edward had not told him and anyone else who knew had been ordered to keep their trap shut by a monster. By the time that monster was dealt with incidents like laboratory five were long forgotten.

“The boy stepped into a large spillage of red water,” Armstrong explained. “It set off the reaction, but did not do anything similar apart from that. The boy passed out in the end, but his wounds didn’t heal, he didn’t have any of his current symptoms.”

Roy pondered on this. What was different about this time? The lack of red water was obvious. But if anything this time sounded much more serious then the last and there was nothing to amplify the boy’s abilities. Is that the reason for his current state?

“Major,” Roy said carefully. “See if you can get a hold of Fullmetal’s medical records. Look for things like extreme fatigue, malnutrition and dehydration.”

Edward was turning out to be quiet the little mystery. If it had happened once and escaped his notice, was it possible to have happened before? Roy considered ringing Alphonse, but the boy had no memory of the time he was in the armour, so probably wouldn’t have the information they needed.

Later that night, when it came to sleeping arrangements, Roy found it surprisingly easy to fall asleep despite the energy he seemed to buzz with. It was always awkward trying to sleep under guard. However, this time he didn’t even seem to notice them. Edward had woken a few times before this and they had managed to coax him into drinking more of his protein shake, but he never stayed awake for long. 


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