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How to Die - Prologue

Title: How to Die
Author: Shell Mel
Rating: PG - 13
Warning: Some violence and near death scenes
Spoilers: Spoilers for episode 22 and end of anime series.
Characters: Edward Elric, Roy Mustang
Summary: AU Edward never though much about the incident back in lab 5 with the red water. He doesn't really remember it that much. He's seventeen now, repaying his debt by helping Mustang reach the top now Al finally has his body again. But what happens when he and Mustang become targets for assassination?
Author Notes: Alternative ending to Anime series. Prologue is based in episode 22, while the rest is a year after the series.

“I don’t need your help!” Edward yelled at Scar.

“Maybe not,” Scar told him. “But your younger brother needs you.”

Ed growled quietly. Hating the fact that Scar was right. Damn it!

“Let’s go!” He stated, turning away from Scar and heading for his brother.

“Oh no!” Lust stated. “You aren’t leaving until you finished what you started!”

Ed paid her no attention. He ran. He ran right into the red water. As soon as his foot made contact with the substance, a strange sensation overcame him. Searing pain raced through him far worse then automail surgery. He could feel himself cry out in pain as the sensation increased. It was overcoming him. His control over his body leaving him as his hand suddenly came up, transforming into a harpoon. It was aimed at Lust but only managed to hit the wall behind her.

Spikes appeared out of the ground around him, flying off in different directions. He was no longer aware of what was really going on around him. Deaf to the voices and blind to see who might be hit by his transmutations. Power surged through him, causing an unending source of pain. Alchemic sparks flicked across his body. His breathing was laboured and pained. When would it end?

Suddenly, he felt warm arms enclose around him. He had no idea why, but it felt comforting, nice... Like he was safe and everything was going to be okay. The sensation started to fade and along with it, his energy. The last thing he remembered was the feeling of those arms around him as he fell into darkness. 

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