Either love me or leave me alone (syphonboa) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Either love me or leave me alone

Otakon pics...

LJ cut is your friend

I really liked this automail the best out of all ive seen in the whole convention. Its aluminum plating, and looks nice below the shoulder. There was some other good ones but i couldnt find them to get pics...oh well..

I believe this guy was the only Armstrong in the whole convention. Alphonse is decent, Winry and Ed are...so so

semi-blurry picture of Greed. I wanted to get pics of the rest of the sins (Lust and Envy) but again..i lost track of them :|

Me standing in the funi booth, whoring my T-shirt. ^^;;

Non-Otakon related:

Preview of my hagaren fanart, just finishing up the legs, leather is fun to color but hard to ink sometimes....


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