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Just came from Otakon and I have piiiishures! Well, some anyway. I'm really hoping that the Winry I ran into at the con is a member of this community. I want to apologize to her in advance for the picture coming out so crummy, it's 'cause my camera's crap, and if possible, I'd like to take another photo(s) of her tomorrow =3

I saw quite a few Eds running around, only two Als, neither of which I was able to get pictures of, one Scar, one Hughes, one Riza, and a few Winrys. Got some shots of the Sins, Greed and Lust were fantastic, unfortunately, the picture of Envy I took did not come out either T.T

Hughes, Riza, and Ed from left to right

Winry T.T You were such a cool person, if you're a member in this journal, I would really like to get to know you better!! I'm so sorry you had to miss the concert ;_;

Greed and Lust They're costumes were soo fantastic! Lust looks so pretty <3!

Ed and Al's head! I'm glad this one came out reasonably, the pose was just too perfect!

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