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the dub

So, just came back from Otakon.
Saw the first dub episode before the concert.

Ed's voice is meh. Not great, not horrible. Tolerable, I guess. Will take a lot of getting used to. My mom thought he sounded too 'Americanized,' and I'd agree, except from what I've heard of Vic's work in Kino's Journey, I'd already been anticipating the rasp. He wasn't very convincing as a little kid, but at least he could scream good. And Ed still has a foul mouth (I clearly remember him saying "bastard" at LEAST two times).
The prologue has Ed narrating instead of Alphonse. All I have to say is...why?
Quite a few dialogue changes. Nothing that changes the plot drastically, but it still annoyed me.
Rose sucks. What kind of scream was that? She sounds too old, and barely shows any emotion for someone who's having her beliefs ripped apart.
I found no problems with Cornello.
I think Al's voice is my favorite so far. I was pleasantly surprised at how close it sounded to the original. They even have the echo effect. However, he didn't speak with much emotion, and maybe it was just because of the noise in the arena, but I often couldn't hear what he said. It sounded more like a 'mumble mumble' instead. Oh, and he calls Ed "Ed" instead of "Brother." Kinda makes me sad. :(
Lust was alright. I can't make much of a judgment since she had so few lines, but I think she has the seductress part down.
They called the array a "transmutation circle." :)
All in all, I was a bit disappointed, but the first episodes are always the worst. I'm sure the acting will improve with time (hopefully this goes for the dialogue changes as well, because those were just painful ><).

Btw, if anyone remembers me from the photoshoot, I was the Izumi with the "Easy Cooking" book. ^_^
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