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31 July 2004 @ 06:22 am
Hagaren Episode 43: The Stray Dog Escaped  
Since Ben's at Otakon for the weekend and asked me to get the latest episode for him, I figured I'd try a shot at giving you all a summary. It's pretty bad (the summary) to tell you the truth and I skipped the parts where I couldn't fully understand the Japanese. ^^;;;

Just to note, I won't be able to distribute the episode till around 1-1:30 PM PST since the user I received the episode from requested three episodes from me and my upload rate's 26 kbs. x__x;; So your best bet for now is to wait for l33t-raws' release.

-Winry and Sheska arrive in Rizembuul
-Winry notices a man (Hohenheim) standing far to the left of her and freaks out when he notices that she's staring at him
-Hohenheim asks Winry if she's Sara and Winry and Sheska run off in response to his question
-Winry: Sara? Mom's name?
-Hohenheim is then shown looking at what's left of the Elric family's home and scratches his head
-While at Winry's home they hear someone knocking at the door and Winry and Sheska freak out, Winry tells Pinako that no one's home
-Pinako answers the door and stares in disbelief as Hohenheim steps into her house
-Hohenheim asks Pinako what happened to his home
-Pinako tells Winry that the man's Ed and Al's father
-Hohenheim scratches his head and introduces himself saying it's been awhile

*Al's beginning speech with a new BGM playing in the background. Right after the picture of Ed and Al with the fish it shows one last picture of Ed and Al at their current age and then it becomes a full-screen image.*

*Opening plays*

-Ed and Al are running across the desert and Ed complains to Al about why he's running so fast and Al stops for Ed
-They talk about how Bradley's a homunculus
-Ed accidentally kicks Al's hand with his auto-mail leg and the Philosopher's Stone begins to glow
-Al then briefly sees the Truth and both Ed and Al jump away from each other
-Ed's surprised and Al's wondering what just happened
-Al asks Ed where they're going and he replies that they're going to Rizembuul
-Scene changes to a city where there are trains loading people from the military
-Frank Archer is still alive, but about 1/4 of his face is gone and he's suffering in pain as they load him onto the train
-Elsewhere, Roy's watching people dig graves for lost soldiers as Kain reports that Kimblee's gone and Scar's nowhere to be found
-Bradley arrives and Roy gives him a report on their status with what's happened currently
-In one of the trains, Bradley goes off to a compartment where Gluttony and Sloth gather. Bradley takes off his eyepatch and looks up to where Lust is pinned against the wall in the form of a cross

*Commercial Break*

-Hohenheim leans on the gravestone of his wife and Winry goes up to him asking if he's been sitting there this whole time
-Hohenheim looks at the gravestone of Sara and asks Winry if she's Sara again
-Winry tells him that her name's Winry and that Sara is her mother
-Sheska's alone in Winry's home and hears someone knocking on the door. She runs up to the door and finds out that it's Maria waiting at the door Denny comes out from the side saying he's there too (... in a vacation outfit) and Sheska panics
-Winry hears Sheska screaming from her home and runs to the front door to see Sheska chasing Denny with an automail leg on just as she kicks him and he receives a bloody nose
-As Maria, Sheska, Denny, and Winry look at the remains of the Elric home. Hohenheim randomly shows up sitting against the tree behind them and pointing out where Ed and Al are coming to Rizembuul from. Winry thanks him while addressing him as "ojiisama" and he stutters while repeating what she just called him
-Ed senses someone's around and makes Al hide under a blanket of feathers he forges while Heymans and Vato pass by looking for the Elric brothers
-Ed watches from behind a tree and notices Havok and Kain behind him saying they have to see Roy
-Ed catches Havok's gun when he fires. Both Havok and Kain get injuries from the ricochet while Ed and Al make their escape causing Heymans and Vato's uniforms inflate
-Roy, Riza, and Armstrong come to help the four and Havok asks Roy to take something out of his pocket. Roy notices that they're cigarettes and matches and refuses to light a cigarette for Havok
-Everyone here's a girl screaming as Winry and Sheska are riding a horse-like machine that's out of control, Riza shoots at the center and the whole thing falls apart, saving Winry and Sheska
-They take Winry and Sheska prisoner
-Ed avoids Al since he's afraid if he touches Al again the same thing that happened before will happen again and they're suddenly attacked from the sky by falling spikes
-They notice it's the military and Ed forges a gigantic boulder that Al and Ed run on which is soon destroyed by Roy
-Roy asks them why they're running
-Ed refuses to be captured and causes a pillar of water to rain on Roy so that he can't use his alchemy and runs off again
-Armstrong begins to attack Ed as Roy gets out one of Havok's matches to make a combined attack with Armstrong and Al makes himself a shield to the attacks to protect Ed
-Roy slowly approaches Ed and Al and Winry screams for them to stop and Roy does so
-Roy remembers the times when he killed the people during the Ishval civil war


Episode 44: Hohenheim of Light
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reversing the polarity of the neutron flow: *loads gun* Die Envy DIE!shinraisei on July 31st, 2004 10:01 pm (UTC)
Wow, I somewhat guessed right on how Havoc and Fuery got injured (and thank god no shrapnel hit his eye and was only above T^T). I feel sorry for Havoc when he asks for a light and Roy says no and steals his cigarettes and matches. XD;

I'm going to start hating the Fuhrer sooner or later...Did he tell Roy and co (and perhaps the entire military) that Ed and Al have bretrayed the military or something along those lines?

And *clears throat* [insert enraged/freaky cry here]...what is HE doing alive?! *points to Archer* *pulls hair er--braids*...with 1/4 of his face gone nonetheless... Okay, who gave Archer the lucky rabbits' foot? °_°;...(Anyone willing to put money down for "he's a cat-chimera" by any chance...?)

Next episode (44):
Well, Hohenheim's on the ground...er--120$ says Ed goes into mad rage mode and knocks him down and later in the episode Al tries to get to know his own dad.

Isn't it funny that Roy and co. are all going to Riezenbul? My 2cents is that part of the episode will be a nice trip to humor-land before going to angst land again, or vice-versa. ^_^

Oh and some random wild theory that I thought of:
Hohenheim is probably still the bad guy or "The Person" the sins all refer to. For some reason I'm getting the feeling that inside he's mad as in crazy...(Perhaps later his true colors will be shown?) Like I said, "Wild theory".

Poor Gluttony...

Also question, is the Ouroburos tatoo a sign of weakness? Like with the blood ensigna, destroy it or wipe it and whoever's soul is trapped dies, but in this case something happens and the Homonculus dies? (Lust is somewhat the second bad-turned-good Homonculus like Greed...she better not be killed =/.)
skeptisch: aah! [Dennis/frightened/meh]lelldorin on August 1st, 2004 12:38 am (UTC)
is the Ouroburos tatoo a sign of weakness? Like with the blood ensigna, destroy it or wipe it and whoever's soul is trapped dies, but in this case something happens and the Homonculus dies?

I think it's probably more like the red circles on the Homunculi - that is, it paralyzes them. But that deosn't really make sense, because if it was like that, why would... say, Greed not have his armour on his hand all the time, just in case? It might just be a tattoo and they stabbed her through the tattoo with the lance-thing to symbolize something, like a symbolic represenation of leaving the other homunculus (she "Destroyed" the circle, or something? dunno.)
breakin' through the door: Martel: This Firemiss_arel on August 1st, 2004 12:42 am (UTC)
I THINK (according to the manga) that the only way the Sins can be weakened is if
A) they are close to their own remains,
B) they lose the almost-philsopher's stones inside them, or
C) the red circles on thier bodies are destroyed. 9Lust has them on her arms, Envy on his forehead and shoulders, Sloth around her waist, and so on.
I THINK these are the only ways to do them serisou damage. I'm not sure what purpose the Ouroboros serves, other than a mark to disinguish a Homunculus.

But yeah - if they kill Lust I will be soooooo mad! Rrrr! See me mad? RARRR!
Yuuki Hikari: SleepyEdyuukihikari on August 1st, 2004 01:34 am (UTC)
And *clears throat* [insert enraged/freaky cry here]...what is HE doing alive?! *points to Archer* *pulls hair er--braids*...with 1/4 of his face gone nonetheless...

*stomps on Archer* I was SO HAPPY when I thought he was gone, now... not so much T.T Archer and Tucker are at the top of my HATE list. e_e UGH. I hope Archer lives in agonizing pain ~_~ *evil*

Next episode (44):...[insert stuff]....

I agree on both counts. Ed's going to completely FREAK, I can't wait to see the look on his face when he realizes that's his father. Will he even be able to recognize him at first o_o;. And I hope that there'll be a lot of light shed on some "personal" random things in Riezenbul in regards to Ed and Al. Sort of like how Lt. Ross and her underling (T.T; name?) aquainted themselves with Ed's burnt down house. Just simple easy watching to enjoy (after our brains have melted from the last few episodes). It would be nice to let the millitary-tachi sort of relax for a short bit and perhaps everyone can pool some information before they dump 8-ish episodes of ANGST!PAIN!INSANITY!WTF!? upon us o_o

I first suggest a change of clothes for Roy and everyone (Like Lt. Ross who looked really nice in civilian clothing *really likes her character*). Put Ed up on some hilly field and let him sulk over his father while everyone wanders around looking nice XD; then return to beat-up-Ed-fun!
Cynthia: Edwardcsakuras on August 1st, 2004 11:24 am (UTC)
Next episode preview: "KONO KUSO OYAJI!!!!"

Um, yeah. Ed will be pissed. Cannot wait. ^_^

Why did they have to keep Archer alive? Do you think they're going to bring him back somehow like Tucker? O.O

Train of thought: Hmmmm...Frank Archer, King of Chimeras.