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Episode 31 screenshots and Envy Theories

Instead of making two separate posts, I'm doing this all at once.

Episode 31 screenshots can be found here. There's 94 of them.

Armstrong X 1
Ed X 8
Fuery X 1
Sheska X 1
Izumi X 11
Kimblee X 9
Roy X 2
Scar X 4
Rick X 1
Misc. X 1
Group X 28
Envy X 11
Greed X 7
Sloth X 3
Wrath X 5


Where to start?

In episode 31, Greed started a sentence concerning Envy, and the trailed it off. He started saying something about Envy being the "most powerful". At least according to Sonchou, he did.

As we know, Envy managed to trap and seal Greed. He also hates "That Person". And there seems to be a tense air around him and Sloth.

Maybe he sealed Greed because he and Greed had gotten into some sort of power struggle. Maybe he hates "That Person" because That Person took his power from him. And he seems to be awefully angry at Sloth whenever she tries/does tell him what to do.

Envy = most powerful Homonculis and therefore leader of the Sins? I like to hope so.

Idea's? Input? Think I should shut up? I'd like to hear it ^^;;
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