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uhm...hi XD *sabber*

Hi everyone~ We are two nice and innocent *aheem* girls from Europe and a...little...*cough* okay VERY obsessed with everything FMA.
So we thought it would be nice to join this community with our shared livejounal. But be aware, over time we developed a rather _special_ kind of humor...
But don't be scared of us...actually we're rather nice people XP. Who just happen to stroll away a little from the usual fandom. ( But as a tribute to it...WE LOVE EDWARD !! HEY HEY *cheers* )
( [agnes]: our true pairing taste will reveal later...maybe )

Oh.. and I am Piyo 1/2 of the euroteasisters.. xD
*passes mic to sistaaa*

So now it's Agnes ( yes, as Piyo mentioned, we have shared LJ ). And I'll be the one to have pleasure (?) of introducing you to the most special FMA couple anyone could think of. Just for your amusement.
( first, click on your own responsibility. 2nd, we drawn it early in the morning with a bad hangover, so don't think of it too seriously. Long life to Open Canvas, btw! )

miniskirt proposal ( no, not roiedo )

Next time we'll try to come up with something normal XDD.

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