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18 April 2012 @ 09:47 pm
Fic: Guardian of Flame (Moonrise AU)  
Title: Guardian of Flame
Author: gaia_lulia
Rating: T
Spoilers: none; this is an AU.
Warnings: Some discussion of burning people to death, but nothing terribly graphic.
Characters/Pairings: Roy, Riza
Summary: Roy bound a demon to his soul. Sometimes he wonders whether it will eat him before he dies.
Notes: This is a little prologue set in the same AU as Moonrise. It will make very little sense if you haven't read that first. This is a present for mebh_me, for being such a wonderful beta. This is the last little thing that I intend to write for this AU, by the by.

Fake cut to AO3:
(Roy gestured, and fire boiled out of him, like blood, like ants, like water.)