tori_santa (tori_ceratops) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Silent Passion

Title: Silent Passion
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Established Roy/Ed
Warnings: Yaoi, And complete PWP. PLOT? WTF is a P.. P... PLOT? (there really is a little smidgen of it in there I suppose, if ya look REAL hard. I had to have a REASON)
A/N: I have been writing like MAD lately. This was really a writing exercise for me, I gave myself specific parameters, (No dialogue) and stuck to it as best as possible. I had to stick a COUPLE of words right there at the end, but I think it worked ok. Oh, and this is completely un-beta'd so all errors are entirely my own.
Length: About 3000
I don't own these characters, I just play puppet theater with them.

Summary: Ed has been waiting, rather impatiently, all day for Roy to come home with important news.

The day had been infuriatingly long.

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