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Beta Reader Search

As the subject suggests, I am in search of a beta. I usually write one shots and wind up grabbing whichever friend of mine is online at the moment. But now im working on a multi chapter fiction which will require more of a commitment.

About the story: First, and most importantly, its yaoi. Its Ed/Roy, with Ed being in his early twenties, and it will be rated M for sex, violence and death.

About my writing: I really need a beta who will tell me like it is. I am awful with punctuation and verb tenses. I am well aware of this fault and need someone who can help fix those errors. I would also really like someone who will not be afraid to point out any gaping holes in my plot, and be willing to point to a section and say "this doesn't make any damn sense!"
If you're interested, please drop me a message and we'll talk about it!

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