Pickles the Great (pictash) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Pickles the Great

Calling all Havoc RPers~

Hello, friends~ This is a desperate plea for an FMA RP partner, which I hope is okay.

I RP Rebecca on tumblr, and while there are a lot of Havocs there, none of them seem to be interested in playing with me on an exclusive level. I know it's sad, but I want an rpartner of my very very own, and I would like a semi-agsty Wheelchair!Havoc/Becca rp more than I would like to breathe air with my lungs. If anyone is interested, please message me on the tumblr account (the link above). If you want samples of my rping, check the "rp" tag on the blog.

Thanks for the attention, and please, a good Havoc on tumblr is all the world needs~

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