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Fic- When Sorrows Comes

Title -- When Sorrows Comes
Author-- cornerofmadness
Disclaimer -- Arakawa owns all, I’m just having lots of fun.
Rating -- R for violence and sexual situations
Characters/Pairing -- Roy/Riza, Ed/Winry, Maes/Gracia, Alex Louis/OC, lots of Ishbalan OC’s
Timeline/Spoilers -- Technically it’s a few years post CoS with manga elements
Word Count -- 34,777
genre mystery/suspense
Warning -- violence and descriptions of murder.
Summary -- As Ed, Al and Alt!Maes settle into life in Amestris, they have to help Roy in his role as ambassador whose main duties are to speed along the Ishbalan homeland restoration. In the middle of this, a series killer seems desperate to get Mustang’s attention while Riza is no longer always at his side, guarding, instead, the new Fuhrer.
Author’s Note -- Written for fmabigbang 2011 edition. More notes at the link.

When Sorrows Come


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